Big Announcement

We are so excited about the adoption process and how it has been working for us. Everything has been perfect and we can’t thank the agency we’re working with enough for all the help they have provided us.

Last week on Tuesday Barbara and I received the long awaited phone call. It was so wonderful to get that call. Barbara and I have talked many times about how it would feel once we got “the call” and how would we feel after learning that our daughter would be ready for us and that we would be meeting her. I have always felt that meeting our daughter for the first time was going to be the most amazing experience that I’ll ever have. The number of emotions that I’ll feel will be countless; joyful, excited, scared, nervous, happy, worried, and proud just to name a few.

Ever since that call we have been finalizing everything that we need for our trip. Putting things aside that we’ll need and just thinking through all the logistics of that week. I hope we don’t forget anything. But you know… Barbara is soooo good when it comes to traveling. She is always thinking things through and never leaves anything out.