Здравствулте! от Москва

hello from moscow

Today we took the opportunity to do what all tourist do, go to Red Square. So, after some breakfast we headed to Old Arbat street. We thought that it would be a neat walk to Red Square. Old Arbat street is only open to pedestrians, which was a nice way to get away from all the cars. Cars here tend to make their own lanes when they feel traffic is going a tad bit slowly. I call it the Moscow HOV lane (for you New York City readers).

Exhibit A - View from our apartment
Exhibit A – View from our apartment

But, I digress…

We were warned about the pickpocketing and high cost of things. But, we decided to go for it and we’re glad we did. It was neat to see how they incorporate the old architecture with the modern world, McDonald’s and Starbucks to name a couple. We ended up going into Starbucks to have a of cup coffee. It was like being transported back home. It looks exactly like any Starbucks back over the pond and the coffee tasted as good. We sat down and enjoyed our coffee by talking about how wonderful tomorrow is going to be and just wondering what she is going to look like. After we got our batteries recharged both physically and emotionally we continued on our way to Red Square.

We were walking on the outskirts of the Red Square when we happened on Saint Basil Cathedral (the photo below is that view) and that was one of those moments, you know where your taken aback and realized you are actually here in front of something so beautiful, because it really is.

First View of Saint Basil Cathedral

We then continued until we got into Red Square where we took a whole butch of photos. We also made our way into Saint Basil Cathedral. Crazy stairs once again. It seems where ever Craig and I go from Hungary, London to Paris we seem to find the funkiest staircases. Moscow didn’t disappoint and now it can be added to the list.

Here are some photos of our day and tomorrow we will meet our little girl. We will no longer be a family of two, but a family of three.

Craig in Red Square
Barbara in Red Square
Craig and Barbara having a Blast!
Saint Basil Cathedral
Saint Basil Cathedral
Red Square
Red Square
Craig and Barbara at the end of the day

FYI – Tomorrow we go private. No more freebies. You slackers that haven’t registered, it ends here. :-) So, sign up if you want to see Little Miss D.


Barbara & Craig