And her new name is…

Today we petitioned to adopt our Little Miss D and during that process we were asked to provide them her new given name. So we felt today would be the most appropriate time to share that info with everyone…

Dagny Leah Johnson

gender: Girl
origin: Norse
meaning: New day
pronunciation: (DAG neh)

Also, for those of you who have been asking, Dagny turns one on November 14th.

8 comments to And her new name is…

  • Craig

    We have been told that we should hear about our court date in about a week and that it could come as soon as the twentieth of November. So with that date in mind we should be coming home with her in the beginning of December.

  • jlbryd

    I absolutely love her name!!!

    Have they given you any timeline when you may be able to bring her home??

  • flowergirl6048

    Dagny!!! So cute. That rhymes with our Kagnie. I can tell she loves her new family just as much as you loving her. She just looks so content. Have a safe trip home. You can start planning her first birthday party even though it may be a little late. But who cares if it is . It will be a good first memory for her memory book. see ya

  • meetthegibsons

    Such a beautiful name!! :-) Congrats!! You both look SOO happy. Can’t wait to hold her.
    Shannon & Jeremy

  • Tim

    I’m so excited for the both of you!! It has truly hit me that I am going to be an Uncle. I can’t wait to see Dagny’s beautiful smile first hand!

  • jennifer

    She’s beautiful!! And y’all look so very happy!!! Thanks for this phone call…

  • eri.biro

    i cant wait for her to come to our house =) Dagny is such a great, perfect name for her!! =) <3 erika
    ps. see you tomorrow!! =)

  • maria

    I’ve been checking periodically today and can now see that you’ve been very busy! I’m so excited for you and Dagny (love the name). Give Dagny a kiss from Aunt Maria and Aunt Chrissy :) Safe journey home tomorrow…