Now… It’s all about the wait

Barbara and I made our way home yesterday and everything went well. It’s so hard to believe that just yesterday we were in Moscow seeing our baby girl for the last time this trip. It’s such a hard thing leaving her behind. And Barbara and I can’t wait to go back and see her again and bring her home.

We don’t have all our pictures yet from yesterday but here’s one to tide everyone over.

Little Dagny
Little Dagny

3 comments to Now… It’s all about the wait

  • meetthegibsons

    Missed this comment before I posted asking about the date… YEAH!! So soon@ Congrats

  • Craig

    We have been told that we should hear about our court date in about two weeks and that it could come as soon as the twentieth of November. So with that date in mind we should be coming home with her in the beginning of December.

  • wed062302

    Glad you had a safe trip. When do you go back to get Dagny?