A Long Awaited Day

Today at 10:45am the Judge declared us a family of three; Craig, Barbara and Dagny.

We had our appointment at 10:00am but didn’t actually start until 10:25am. So, with that said it went very quickly (20 minutes) and it wasn’t very painful at all. :-) I was elected by my husband to do the majority of the talking, YEAH. To be totally honest I wasn’t nervous at all, which is totally out of character for me. I took that as a sign, that this child was meant to be ours and everything is going to be just fine. So, I was called up to the center of the courtroom where I was facing the judge face on and our translator right next to me. She asked all the questions that we have been preparing for. Then it was Craig’s turn and he answered his three questions and then the judge went into her chambers to deliberate. Not even five minutes pasted and she came back out and we stood and she read us our verdict that we are Dagny’s new parents. Tears were coming down my cheeks even as the judge was looking at us saying those words. Everyone smiled and the Deputy Director of Dagny’s orphanage came over, hugged and kissed us, and called us Mama and Papa. I almost lost it again.

Afterwards we went to the orphanage to drop the Deputy Director, the gifts, and donations off. We knew the possibility was there that we can get custody of Little Miss D but nothing is ever in stone during this long adoption process. After we handed out the gifts we were taken into the playroom where the kids usually play. This was my second time in that room and both the times the kids were sleeping (sorry Nichole – I couldn’t get any photos of Vera). They actually woke Dagny up for us to take. We handed them her new outfit and watched as she was being dressed.

We then headed home where we had our first family outing by going to the supermarket together. She was just soaking it all in and riding in high style in her new stroller (Thank you again Uncle Timmy). We then ate, took a nap and played. What a wonderful day