Dagny’s First Starbucks

Dagny so far is an amazing sleeper. She didn’t wake up until 9am which is amazing to us, but not the greatest because it threw the rest of her sleep schedule off. So, tomorrow I am waking Miss Sleeping Beauty up at 8am.

I guess she is adjusting to her new environment and her new caregivers as we are to our new roles. She is truly a joy to have around. When see smiles, which is a lot, it lights the entire room up and you can’t help but smile yourself. This little girl is going to break some major hearts, but that’s not for another 30 years at least. ;-)

Today, we decided to take a walk on Old Arbat street while the our apartment was being cleaned. We walked down towards Saint Basil Cathedral but we decided to leave that for another day. We had a SKYPE date with Erika. She really wanted to see her new little cousin. Erika got up at 5am to do this because we needed to work around Dagny’s naps and Erika’s school. Erika is one terrific young woman. I love Erika as if she was my own and I can’t wait to see the relationship between the two girls blossom in the years to come.

It was a little nippy and we still had some time to kill so we decided to go into one of the two Starbucks on Old Arbat. Dagny loved it. She was looking around and soaking in all the people, smells, and colors. She was such a good little girl throughout our stay while Mom and Dad drank a Mocha. Dagny also learned how to drink out of a sippy cup. In the orphanage they drink out of cups at a very early age. We just don’t feel she needs to be at that stage yet. That time will come.