Happy 13 Months Dagny

Today Dagny is 13 months old. I remember a month ago when she turned One what a horribly sad day it was for us. We missed her so much and not being with her for her first birthday was one of the hardest things we had to go through. What a difference a month makes. Here is our little bunny.

Yeah! I am 13 months old

We didn’t do much today. We stayed home and started packing! I can’t believe we are outta here this coming Friday. I just know this week is going to go by so fast. We have many things we need to get done before we fly out.

Dagny decided that she was going to help me out with the packing. It was so cute. All three of us had a blast. I never knew packing can be so fun.

OK Mom, you can put about this much in here.
Dagny is ready to go

Bonus Dagny Photos:

What a smile
What’s that you said, Ducky?
Pretty Girl

3 comments to Happy 13 Months Dagny

  • Mom

    Thank you, Troy, for your beautiful comments. And thank you for being Craig’s best friend and Barbara’s friend too. Come over and see us sometime; we miss you.

    New Grandma Jenny

  • weaverboy

    Well when you read this you will only have 3 more nights left, and then you will be back in the states. Thank goodness, I can

  • maria

    How can it be? Dagny is getting cuter and cuter every day!

    Would love to see this packing picture side by side next to the one when you went for the first trip… what a difference :) Isn’t it amazing how much stuff you need to pack for such a little munchkin?

    Merry Christmas!
    PS: Love the new banner pictures :)