Juggling With Daddy

When Craig was a little boy he learned how to juggle. He is actually really good. While we were in college he would show off his juggling talent and I wanted to learn too. Believe it or not I took Juggling 101 in college as a gym course. I know. I actually got pretty good, but not even close to what Craig is capable of doing.

This past weekend Craig was juggling for Dagny and she just thought it was the greatest thing ever! She was so excited that for days she would be pretending in her own little way that she was juggling. I am hoping that she will opt against taking juggling class in college and stick to more academic courses. We can only hope.

Here are the photos of the evening.

Whatcha doing Daddy?
That looks like fun!
I want to try
Lesson one
I am juggling
This is fun

8 comments to Juggling With Daddy

  • Shannon

    Looks like the two of you are having a blast!

  • Craig

    Mrs. Alford,

    You can thank good old West M Phy Ed. During 7th grade I took a juggling class. :-)

    It just stuck with me.

  • deena alford

    Craig, I am amazed. All these years I have known you, I didnt know you could do that. Dagny certainly is enjoying it. And all those Dagny & Daddy times together. Let me know when your first performance is. I cant wait to tell Troy that you and Dagny are going into showbusiness. P.S.Bread looks good Barbara. Good job.

  • Mom

    You guys are so funny!
    Dagny really does look like she wants to try. I love the pictures.
    See you soon,

  • Maria

    You already have a fan club!

  • Craig


    You put the contract together and I’ll sign it. When is our start date?

  • Barbara

    LOL. I will have that conversation with Craig tonight. I think he might be up for it.

  • Maria

    Ever heard of Cirque du Soleil?

    If the programming thing doesn’t work out given the economy, perhaps Craig and Dagny could consider a Father/Daughter act and you can be their manager :)