Shortest Week in February, Ever!

Erika and Emerson came for their annual February visit. They have been doing this since Craig and I have been married. All of us look forward to this week which holds us over until their summer visit. What made this year so much more special was the addition of Dagny into the family.

I am blown away with how great the three of them are with each other. Dagny loves both Erika and Emerson. She is comfortable in their arms, which is still something she isn’t with others. I really believe she gets that they are her cousins.

The best kids in the world!

It is so amazing to see Emerson with Dagny. He absolutely adores her. He is the older brother that she doesn’t have. He is so protective of every move she makes and so into making her laugh. It is such a wonderful thing to witness.

Emerson and Dagny
Emi and Dagny
Emerson tickling Little D
How cute

To no surprise Erika is so great with Dagny. While she was here she helped out with Dagny’s feeding, bathing, and changed most diapers. (Thanks, Erika!) As like with Emerson, she also is about making Dagny laugh. The great thing is, Dagny LOVES to laugh, so it wasn’t very hard for either one of them.

My two girls!
Being silly
The girls
Dagny and Eri

Bonus Dagny Photo

Beautiful Dagny

2 comments to Shortest Week in February, Ever!

  • Maria

    What a lucky little girl getting to know and spend time with her cousins… and what lucky cousins getting to spend time with their favorite Aunt Barbara & Uncle Craig :)

    Can’t wait to see pictures and stories from Grandma Johnson’s visit :)

    Keep those pictures and stories coming!

  • Troy

    Ok, wow, words can