Reading Time

Last week I caught my little girl reading to her partner in crime.

A couple of weeks ago our friends, Jessica and Mark, came over to meet Little Miss D and they brought along a big bag of goodies for Dagny. One of the things was a book about animals, that has become a favorite for Dagny. Dagny is constantly looking through it. She seems to be enjoying books as she brings them up to me to all the time to look through it with her. I hope her new found love of books sticks with her.

Here is my little reader having story time with her buddy.

My little reader
Ready Lily?
Let me just open the book
Here we are
This is a …

Fresh Out of the Oven

I am not sure what prompted this in me, but I wanted to bake my very first bread. I have never done it nor did I know what it took to do it, but I was up for the challenge. I decided to bake ciabatta bread.

Not bad for the first time.

Final product
Would you like a piece?
Craig seems to like it.

Juggling With Daddy

When Craig was a little boy he learned how to juggle. He is actually really good. While we were in college he would show off his juggling talent and I wanted to learn too. Believe it or not I took Juggling 101 in college as a gym course. I know. I actually got pretty good, but not even close to what Craig is capable of doing.

This past weekend Craig was juggling for Dagny and she just thought it was the greatest thing ever! She was so excited that for days she would be pretending in her own little way that she was juggling. I am hoping that she will opt against taking juggling class in college and stick to more academic courses. We can only hope.

Here are the photos of the evening.

Whatcha doing Daddy?
That looks like fun!
I want to try
Lesson one
I am juggling
This is fun

A Perfect Day

Today I took Dagny to her new pediatrician and she is wonderful!

Before we left for Russia for trip one, we started working with a local doctor, Dr. K. She also specializes in International Adoption, and herself adopted two children Internationally. While we were in Russia we sent her Dagny’s medical files and video. To be honest with you all, Craig and I already came to the conclusion that Dagny was our little girl even before Dr. K gave us her two thumbs up. We actually called Dr. K during trip two because Dagny was wheezing and coughing. She told us what to do and Dagny got better very quickly. When we got back to Rochester on Saturday 12/20, that following Monday, we took Dagny to meet with Dr. K. She said Dagny looked wonderful and in fact it has been a very long time since she has seen such a healthy child in an International Adoption. Yay! Now, the worst part was, and we did know that this was coming, was all the blood work that needed to be done. Dr. K ordered six tubes of blood! That was the hardest thing I ever had to witness. The fact that I hate giving blood I am sure skewed my view, but I very much doubt it.

So why the long story and whey did we not stay with Dr. K?

First, simply because I never did write about Dagny’s medical here. I have been meaning to but just haven’t gotten around to it.

Second, we decided not to stay with Dr. K because her office is on the other side of town and we have heard wonderful things about Dr. P and if today is any inclination I have to agree.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. P. She was so great with Dagny. She took her time with us. We were in with her for over an hour just talking and getting to know each other. As Dr. K, she is blown away at how wonderful Dagny is looking and doing. She said she was “Perfect”.

Here are her stats:
Weight: 55%
Height: 60%
Head Circumference: 55%

She showed me the chart and she is “perfect” on them, right on target and proportional in every way. She actually says that’s not something you see everyday. Yay!

Dr. P also said that it is so obvious that Dagny is very much attached to me. She said she can tell by her body language and just by how she is with me. I knew that Dagny has been doing great with the bonding but it was still great to hear Dr. P saying it.

Dagny also got three shots today, not so perfect. But, she was a trooper and did great. Poor little boo.

One more thing. Today Dagny took the spoon for the first time and she is starting to feed herself.

It was a perfect day.

time to celebrate