Foto Tuesday

pretty girl
little boo

Cougars, And Tigers, And Meerkats! Oh, My!

The Johnson’s got another family membership today. Craig, Dagny and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and went to the zoo.

We have been itching to take Dagny for a while now after noticing how much she loves animals. This kid’s eyes light up at any sight of an animal, and has no fear of them whatsoever. So, the no fear thing is not something I am terribly excited about but it’s great that she doesn’t freak out at a new dog or cat. With that said, she loved it! We can’t wait to go back when the weather is even better and more of the animals decide to play.

Little Boo
Craig and Dagny
the greatest duo
me and my girl
Barbara and Dagny

And now the animals:

The Meerkats were by far my favorite… they are so ridiculously cute and funny.

How cute is this little guy?!
the cougar
the elephant
the seal

Child Proof Safety Is No Match For Dagny

I guess our expectation of child proof products were a little high. Look what our proud little girl can take off and hand to me.

Mama, look what I have.

And if you can’t tell what that is… It’s a corner bumper.

Cheerios, or No Cheerios, That Is The Question

Thursday Photos

I know I am on a roll with posts lately. I am sure I will eventually slow down. It’s just Dagny has entered a new level of cuteness. She is on the go and interested is trying new things. It’s been really fun at our house lately. I just can’t stop myself.

someone got some cool sunglasses
I am ready for the photos, Mom!
someone is ready for her bubble bath

Lily Bonus: (she is so adorable)

stinky cute