Six Months Ago…

… we met our beautiful daughter.

Beauitful Day

The weather was B-E-A-U-I-T-F-U-L today. We were all in shorts enjoying the bbq and going out for some ice cream. Tomorrow we go back to reality – crappy weather.

Yay, it’s hot outside
Beautiful girl on a beautiful day
having fun
“Mommy, can I play a little longer, please?
Thanks, Mommy!

Pigtails People Pigtails

In my previous post I was mentioning how long Dagny’s hair has gotten. Well, here is some more proof. Today I put Dagny’s hair into pigtails. How cute is she???

how pretty is this little girl

Is It The Milk?

Seriously, is it just me or does it seem like Dagny grew over night?!

Check out her LONG hair. I swear it wasn’t that long last week.

Little D

Oh, don’t mind Craig’s jeans. It’s a throw back to the 90′s, not really, actually he was working in the yard this weekend when the photo was taken. He wasn’t trying to hold on to his youth.

Swing Season Has Opened

Last week Craig, Dagny and I went to Toys R Us and got Dagny her very own swing. The weather is getting better, FINALLY, with that the swing season has officially opened.

pretty girl on the swing
someone loves her daddy
and her new swing