Grandma And Grandpa Johnson’s House

We went to Ohio for Memorial Day weekend to visit with Craig’s parents. This was the first time that Dagny has been to Ohio. She took to her surrounds well, walking around and exploring the house all by herself, of course looking back every few steps to see that Mommy and Daddy were in view.

Dagny has many fans in Ohio that followed her process of coming home and they all wanted to meet her. It was so wonderful to be able to introduce her to all the people that care about her so much. With that said we had a very eventful weekend with lots of activities.

Time line of events:

Thursday Craig, Dagny and I went for a very long drive that ended at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

This is what Dagny did all the way…

Awwww…. if only

… in a parallel universal… and here is our reality.


It’s not very fun to be in a car for 7 hours with an 18 month old. Guess who is doing it again in July?! NOT CRAIG!

We got in late due to the multiple stops we made, which did seem to help a lot. Dagny got recharged and was good for another two hours or so.

Friday, we got up and had breakfast. Dagny sat in her great-grandmother highchair. The chair was used by Craig’s father’s mother, how cool is that?

perfect fit

We hung out at the house waiting for Uncle Tim’s plane to arrive from Texas. While we waited Uncle Troy (not by relations just by lots of love) came over (he was there every single day). The entire family was going out to Phill’s Seafood for dinner. That restaurant is the diamond in the rough. It’s the best seafood place, EVER. Before we headed to Phil’s Craig, Uncle Troy, Dagny and I went to the hospital to visit with Troy’s grandmother who really wanted to meet Little D. It was so great to see her again and happy to hear she is doing good. We then met the rest of the family at Phil’s where Dagny petted a live Lobster and Uncle Troy promptly ran the other way.

Saturday, was a very fun day. In the afternoon we went to the visit with Troy’s family at the campsite where they were camping and stayed for the cookout. It was so nice to see Mr. and Mrs. Alford, they are the best. Mrs. Alford has been one of our most devoted visitor on our site. Craig and I couldn’t wait for her to meet Dagny. We had so much fun with Dagny there. There was a playground there and we took Dagny to the swing and afterwards she played around in the grass.

She was having fun squating down and jumping up.

playing around

I know you shouldn’t laugh when your child falls, but this is so funny. (She wasn’t hurt)


After the fun she was all pooped out in her daddy’s arms.

in daddy’s arms

Sunday, was the big day where Grandma and Grandpa Johnson threw a party for Dagny. There were guest from all over the place. It was a great time. It was so nice to hear how many people have visited our site and how they enjoy it. Dagny did so well with everyone, especially Olivia. She is the one year old daughter of Uncle Tim’s friends. She is such a little cutie.

Dagny and Olivia

My little girl and I went outside to check out the trees.

me and my girl

Here is the guest of honor.

party girl

We had a wonderful time and can’t wait to go back. Thank you to all the people that made the time to meet Dagny and us.


Wonderful Weekend

beautiful girl

Full post coming soon.

Our 18 Month Old Angel

Dearest Dagny,

For some reason this milestone seems like such a big one. You are 18 months old. Wow. I remember the day when I held you in my arms for the first time. The moment I laid my eyes on you my heart melted away. I turned to Daddy and told him that “I now believe in love at first sight!”

For your 18 months we decided to throw you a mini-birthday celebration. You see Mommy and Daddy weren’t able to be with you for your 1 st Birthday. Even though we celebrated it when you came home with your family, it still wasn’t on your day. I remember that day so clearly. It was in between trips and up until then I was doing OK, but on your birthday I emotionally lost it. My heart ached for you so much, I never knew pain like that. I hope to never feel that pain again.

So, we dressed you up in your party dress and I made a Chocolate Velvet Cake (cupcakes) all for you.

pretty girl

We got two candles and cut one in half and made an 1 1/2 candles. You look at the candles with interest and now you want to blow out everything in sight.

ummm… what do I do?

Once you got past the candles you loved digging into the cupcake.


After the cupcakes we headed to the family room where you opened your gifts. Yes, we got you some new toys to keep that imagination growing. You were so excited to be opening up your gifts.

look at the face

Then you played and read with Daddy.

what’s that daddy?

We then took some photos.

Little D

You made us a family. You make life so much fun.

Today we took you to your 18 month check up.

Here are your stats.

* Weight – 25 lbs 10 oz – 65%
* Height – 32 in – 60%
* Head Circumference – 18 in 1/2 – 60%

You’re doing great.


We love you very much!



Happy 18 Months Dagny

Little D

We love you so much!

Mommy and Daddy

Full post coming.

Lilac Festival 2009

Craig and I try to hit the Lilac Festival every year. This year was extra special. This year we went as a family. Things like this are just so much more fun with Dagny. We all had a blast.

The family
me and my little girl
daddy and his little girl
Grandma Agi and Dagny