Beach Bums

Craig and I took Dagny to the beach for the first time.

the beach
little bum soaking in the sun

I must admit I was a little concerned, because if toddlers can have OCD then I think Dagny might have it. She hates any kind of mess on her or near her. When it comes to eating she constantly hands me her hands to clean. We actually got to the point where she takes the napkin out of our hands and cleans herself and her eating area. With that said, the concern over the sand was there.

And, here is Dagny’s reaction to the sand.

I don’t like this

We then went down to water; she was not quite sure how to react. The water was a little cold even though people were swimming.

first time with the wave

She started to take to the whole sand idea and played with her Daddy. She actually started to love it.

I will give this sand thing a try
having fun

I guess the best place to be is in Daddy’s arms.

in daddy’s arms

When I asked Dagny if she liked the beach, she nodded and smiled, so I guess we are going back real soon.


Father’s Day 2009

It was so special seeing Craig celebrate Father’s Day this year. He is truly such a wonderful father to Dagny. She adores him so much. At every chance she has she wants to be held in his arms. The minute he steps into the house, she does what I call the “daddy dance” and starts repeating over and over again, “Daddy, Daddy”.

This morning my two favorite people hung out and watched some toons.

hanging out

Look at that face, I expect that look when she is a teenager, but than again I am between her and her Wiggles.

the look

Later on we went outside to check out Craig’s Father’s Day gift, a new charcoal grill, because anything else is sacrilege. Propane is for suckers.

the grill

Craig and his girl went for a private walk…

going for a walk

…then they got caught in the rain. This is what Dagny thinks about the rain. She’s not to happy her walk got cut short.

not cool rain, not cool at all. :-P

Here is our little angel.

our little angel

Look how tiny she looks on our bed. Photos like this show that she’s not as big as I think sometimes.

tiny girl on big bed

I love you both.


Happy Father’s Day, Craig!

Craig and his little girl

We both love you very much!

~Barbara and Dagny Leah

Zoo Part II

My Mom and I decided to take advantage of the nice weather before the rain comes yet again for five days and take Dagny to the zoo. This is the first time my Mom went to our local zoo. It’s not the Bronx Zoo, but it’s perfect size for a toddler and some years after that.

The last time Dagny went to the zoo was back in March. It was a lot colder and the experience was very new to her. This time Dagny and the weather were perfect. She is a little older and so much more aware of the different animals. She was so cute, she never wanted to leave the animal we were looking at, until she saw what was coming next.

Here is Dagny checking out the Rhinos.

checking out the rhinos

I think she might be a bit excited about seeing them.

Mama, look!
rhinos, Mama!
someone is happy

Rhinos need a break too.

taking a break

It was a fun day and we are planning to go back lots more this summer. I am sure I will be posting more later on.


Happy 19 Months Dagny

Dear Dagny,

Not quite sure where the month went, but I must admit I almost forgot that today was your 19th month. This month just went by so fast. It seems since you have come into our lives, time has sped up. I don’t like that at all.

Little D

Here is what you did in your 18th month.

You are talking, talking, talking. It seems every day you are saying a new word. You have started to put words together to make small sentences. You know your body parts, from head to toe and everything in between.

Here are some of your words: Lily, toes, water, ceiling, Agi, hi, head, tree, turtle, gata, baby, cool, again, cat, dog, swing, door, good, bye bye. These are the ones I can remember off the top of my head.

You are truly the poster child for “monkey say, monkey do”. You do what ever you see someone doing. We need to watch what we say and do around you now.

You are now a fan of Sesame Street and more importantly, Elmo. I am enjoying this phase. I like Elmo too. You can sit and watch an entire episode, that is if it’s a good one. I can already see when you’re going to like it. If there is lots of music, your hooked. Your love for music seems to have grown stronger. Your Daddy will play his kind of music for you and you start to dance, which is the cutest thing ever.

all serious with Elmo

You love to build with your blocks and legos. You love to hug and kiss your babies. You love to come around with your doctor bag and check my reflexes, temperature, and check my heartbeat. I call you, Dr. Johnson. You love your flashcards, you ask me to sit on the floor with you and you like me to put the flashcards on the floor, where I ask you to give me a specific one and you hand it to me. You love your books. You love to read to us and you love for us to read to you. Every time I go into your room to get you from your nap, you wont get out of your crib until we go through your animal book. You point at animals and I have to tell you what they are. When you are satisfied then you will let me get you.

This month was the first time your Daddy and I went away for the weekend without you. It was hard on us, but you did great with Agi Mama. You guys get along so well. I think after your Daddy and I, she is your favorite person. You love her so much and she loves you so, so much.

This month you went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Johnson in Ohio. I must admit, you’re not a fan of long drives, but who is? You did great with the new environment.

What we have noticed about you, is you’re a great sport. You go with the flow with no problems. Even if you miss a nap, if your out and experiencing something new, your all good. If we aren’t challenging you or showing you new things, your not so happy. That is when you start to cry and get crabby.

You love to laugh and make us laugh. You have that “it” quality. I can’t explain it, you just have it.

We love you little Boo… you’re our everything.

you love your Lily

I love you.