Happy 19 Months Dagny

Dear Dagny,

Not quite sure where the month went, but I must admit I almost forgot that today was your 19th month. This month just went by so fast. It seems since you have come into our lives, time has sped up. I don’t like that at all.

Little D

Here is what you did in your 18th month.

You are talking, talking, talking. It seems every day you are saying a new word. You have started to put words together to make small sentences. You know your body parts, from head to toe and everything in between.

Here are some of your words: Lily, toes, water, ceiling, Agi, hi, head, tree, turtle, gata, baby, cool, again, cat, dog, swing, door, good, bye bye. These are the ones I can remember off the top of my head.

You are truly the poster child for “monkey say, monkey do”. You do what ever you see someone doing. We need to watch what we say and do around you now.

You are now a fan of Sesame Street and more importantly, Elmo. I am enjoying this phase. I like Elmo too. You can sit and watch an entire episode, that is if it’s a good one. I can already see when you’re going to like it. If there is lots of music, your hooked. Your love for music seems to have grown stronger. Your Daddy will play his kind of music for you and you start to dance, which is the cutest thing ever.

all serious with Elmo

You love to build with your blocks and legos. You love to hug and kiss your babies. You love to come around with your doctor bag and check my reflexes, temperature, and check my heartbeat. I call you, Dr. Johnson. You love your flashcards, you ask me to sit on the floor with you and you like me to put the flashcards on the floor, where I ask you to give me a specific one and you hand it to me. You love your books. You love to read to us and you love for us to read to you. Every time I go into your room to get you from your nap, you wont get out of your crib until we go through your animal book. You point at animals and I have to tell you what they are. When you are satisfied then you will let me get you.

This month was the first time your Daddy and I went away for the weekend without you. It was hard on us, but you did great with Agi Mama. You guys get along so well. I think after your Daddy and I, she is your favorite person. You love her so much and she loves you so, so much.

This month you went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Johnson in Ohio. I must admit, you’re not a fan of long drives, but who is? You did great with the new environment.

What we have noticed about you, is you’re a great sport. You go with the flow with no problems. Even if you miss a nap, if your out and experiencing something new, your all good. If we aren’t challenging you or showing you new things, your not so happy. That is when you start to cry and get crabby.

You love to laugh and make us laugh. You have that “it” quality. I can’t explain it, you just have it.

We love you little Boo… you’re our everything.

you love your Lily

I love you.


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  • Maria

    Barbara – that is so touching! You have a way of expressing your deepest feelings. Dagny is lucky to have you as a mom, role model, teacher, playmate… the list goes on.

    Someday when she reads this diary, she will be grinning ear to ear just knowing how much you loved her right from the beginning.