Zoo Part II

My Mom and I decided to take advantage of the nice weather before the rain comes yet again for five days and take Dagny to the zoo. This is the first time my Mom went to our local zoo. It’s not the Bronx Zoo, but it’s perfect size for a toddler and some years after that.

The last time Dagny went to the zoo was back in March. It was a lot colder and the experience was very new to her. This time Dagny and the weather were perfect. She is a little older and so much more aware of the different animals. She was so cute, she never wanted to leave the animal we were looking at, until she saw what was coming next.

Here is Dagny checking out the Rhinos.

checking out the rhinos

I think she might be a bit excited about seeing them.

Mama, look!
rhinos, Mama!
someone is happy

Rhinos need a break too.

taking a break

It was a fun day and we are planning to go back lots more this summer. I am sure I will be posting more later on.


2 comments to Zoo Part II

  • erika

    So cute can’t wait to go in the summer with u guys love ya :)

  • jlbryd

    I love how she is always wearing her little sunglasses! She is the only child I’ve seen who will keep them on! And she looks so adorable in them!!