Father’s Day 2009

It was so special seeing Craig celebrate Father’s Day this year. He is truly such a wonderful father to Dagny. She adores him so much. At every chance she has she wants to be held in his arms. The minute he steps into the house, she does what I call the “daddy dance” and starts repeating over and over again, “Daddy, Daddy”.

This morning my two favorite people hung out and watched some toons.

hanging out

Look at that face, I expect that look when she is a teenager, but than again I am between her and her Wiggles.

the look

Later on we went outside to check out Craig’s Father’s Day gift, a new charcoal grill, because anything else is sacrilege. Propane is for suckers.

the grill

Craig and his girl went for a private walk…

going for a walk

…then they got caught in the rain. This is what Dagny thinks about the rain. She’s not to happy her walk got cut short.

not cool rain, not cool at all. :-P

Here is our little angel.

our little angel

Look how tiny she looks on our bed. Photos like this show that she’s not as big as I think sometimes.

tiny girl on big bed

I love you both.


3 comments to Father’s Day 2009

  • Holly

    So sweet! Her hair has really gotten long. Love the red rain coat and matching crocs. Her feet look just like Cassi’s (hmmmmm…), like little doll’s feet. Cassi only wears a size 3–are Dagny’s feet that little? She’s a little baby doll! :)

  • erika

    She is soooo cute can’t wait to see her love u guys hope fathers day went well it seems like it through the pics <3 Erika

  • Samantha

    So cute. Happy First Father’s day Craig!