Beach Bums

Craig and I took Dagny to the beach for the first time.

the beach
little bum soaking in the sun

I must admit I was a little concerned, because if toddlers can have OCD then I think Dagny might have it. She hates any kind of mess on her or near her. When it comes to eating she constantly hands me her hands to clean. We actually got to the point where she takes the napkin out of our hands and cleans herself and her eating area. With that said, the concern over the sand was there.

And, here is Dagny’s reaction to the sand.

I don’t like this

We then went down to water; she was not quite sure how to react. The water was a little cold even though people were swimming.

first time with the wave

She started to take to the whole sand idea and played with her Daddy. She actually started to love it.

I will give this sand thing a try
having fun

I guess the best place to be is in Daddy’s arms.

in daddy’s arms

When I asked Dagny if she liked the beach, she nodded and smiled, so I guess we are going back real soon.


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