Happy 20th Month, Dagny!

Dear Dagny,

Here I am again, it seems just like yesterday I was writing about your 18th month, well here is what amazing things you did in your 19th month.

thinking girl

We celebrated Father’s Day for the first time. Even though it rained, you, Daddy, and I had a wonderful time.

You also went to the beach for the first time. You weren’t to keen on the whole sand thing at first, but towards the end you seemed to make your peace with it. We look forward to going back with you this summer.

You feed, patted, and sat on a horse for the first time. You had no fear of them, you enjoyed the whole experience.

You saw fireworks for the first time. On the fourth we decided to put you down for your nap a little later so you could stay up for the fireworks. We weren’t sure how you would react to them. When you saw the first one, you paused… smiled, clapped and promptly said “Again”. That went on through the whole firework show.

You went on your first vacation this month. We all went down to Long Island to your Aunt and Uncle’s house to celebrate Fourth of July. Daddy went back after the weekend, but you and I stayed for an additional week and half so you can really get to know your family.

You adore them all. You feel comfortable in their arms and around them. You love to play and laugh with them. You LOVE the pool so much. You could be in the water all day if I allow you. You love the slide. You are an adrenaline junkie and anything that has to do with speed, height, or motion you are up for it. I am a little worried, you’re to much of a daredevil for me.

pool girl

It seems like you are at the next level of communicating.

You are picking up more and more words everyday. I really have lost count. You say Erika as clear as day (which honestly surprised us). For Emerson you say EM. You have now started to respond verbally to my questions. Which is so awesome. The first time you did this I paused for as second to digest it. I think its so amazing how you are now starting to communicate. The question was “Dagny, what would you like?” and you said “Cheerio” with a big smile.

Everyday for the past month and half you go around and point at things and ask me what they are called. It is so cute. So, I decided to test if you were really retaining it and of course you are, because when I asked randomly “Where is the window?” you would point to it or “Where is the chair, the remote, the wall?” and so on, you pointed to everything correctly. You know all your family members if I ask you were is your Uncle or Aunt you point to them.

I am so impressed with how wonderful you did these two weeks in a different environment. You are such a sweet, loving little person. You just melt everyone’s heart here in Long Island. They all love you so much.

Little D

I love you very much.


Happy 13th Birthday, Emerson!

Dear Emerson,

The first time I saw you I remember thinking, “Wow, he is so long!”. Now, here you are 13 years old and over 6 feet tall, I am stilling saying “WOW!”. You were always such a cute little boy and now you are such a handsome young man. In addition you have such an amazing, loving heart. You are so affectionate to your little cousin, which just melts my heart.

Your Uncle and I love you so much and are so proud of you in so many ways. You truly are one amazing young man. We are so thrilled that you have now entered another stage in your life and we hope enjoy all the new wonderful things that come along with it.

Happy 13th Birthday, Emerson!

Have a wonderful time in your teenage years.

Happy Birthday

This is why you’re so amazing.

so loving

We love you very my much!


Aunt Barbara, Uncle Craig, and Dagny

P.S. Your sister wanted to say something.

Little Brother,

I know we fight a lot, and I know we have our differences, and we hardly ever see eye to eye, but I will always love you forever and ever.

Happy 13th Birthday, Little Brother.

-Your Sister


I am so happy to be able to spend some time with Dagny here on Long Island, even thou we both miss Craig so much. Craig and I felt this would be such a wonderful experience for Dagny not only to expand her horizon, but also to get to know her cousins, aunt, and uncle. I must says she adores them all so much. She is having a blast.

She just loves Erika and Emerson to pieces. It melts my heart to see how much they love her. They both drop everything they are doing for Dagny (mind you one turns 13 in a few days and the other is 16 years old). They each take her to their rooms and let her get into things play.

Here is Emerson and Dagny.

Dagny and Emerson
Emi and D
someone is smitten
smelling flowers
i love this photo

Here is Erika and Dagny.

Erika and Dagny
Erika and Dagny
the girls

I love having these kids in my life. They are the best kids in my world.


P.S. Here is what little boo looks like after a long day in the pool.

tired little D

The Adrenaline Junkie

The Fourth Of July

This year Dagny celebrated her first Fourth of July on Long Island at her aunt Edit and uncle Emeric’s house.

There was a lot of first for Dagny this weekend, from being in a pool, to going down a slide into the pool, to feeding, petting, and siting on a horse, and to seeing fireworks. To no big surprise she loved it all. The one thing that Craig and I discovered about our daughter that she is a little daredevil. We are so surprised at how much at 19 months she loves to slide down into the pool.

Here are some… I mean LOTS of photos from the weekend.

enjoying the pool

Here she looks like she is getting ready to catch the next wave.

I am ready
where is my wave?

Here she is going down the slide. (look at that face)

look at that face

Here is our adrenaline junkie wanting more.

Erika’s turn
the two girls

Here is Erika.

Pretty girl

Here is Dagny enjoying the horse.

feeding the horse

My little girl and I.

my girl

Dagny and I looking over the photos from the day.

I like that one mum