I am so happy to be able to spend some time with Dagny here on Long Island, even thou we both miss Craig so much. Craig and I felt this would be such a wonderful experience for Dagny not only to expand her horizon, but also to get to know her cousins, aunt, and uncle. I must says she adores them all so much. She is having a blast.

She just loves Erika and Emerson to pieces. It melts my heart to see how much they love her. They both drop everything they are doing for Dagny (mind you one turns 13 in a few days and the other is 16 years old). They each take her to their rooms and let her get into things play.

Here is Emerson and Dagny.

Dagny and Emerson
Emi and D
someone is smitten
smelling flowers
i love this photo

Here is Erika and Dagny.

Erika and Dagny
Erika and Dagny
the girls

I love having these kids in my life. They are the best kids in my world.


P.S. Here is what little boo looks like after a long day in the pool.

tired little D

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