Sick Little Bunny

Little bunny was sick this past weekend and all she wanted was her Mommy.

Dagny with Mommy

I am happy to report she is pretty much back to normal. Unfortunately, now it seems that Mama and Dada caught whatever Little D had.


Kidzapalooza 2009

Erika and Emerson made their annual summer pilgrimage to our house. This year events only lasted three weeks, not long enough, but it had to do.

When Erika and Emerson walked into the house, and Dagny saw them, she paused and said “Erika, Emerson.” and ran right to them, she loves them both so much. Also, to see Erika and Emerson just as excited to see her, made it that much more special. They really do care about each other. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Emerson is wonderful with Dagny. He was never scared to hold her or anything like that. Dagny loved to be in Emerson’s arms.

Here they are waiting for Craig to come home from work. I just love this photo.

Emerson and Dagny

One day I caught them both on the floor watching Sesame Street. I swear I almost melted. I couldn’t get to the camera fast enough.

They love each other so much.

Emerson also loves Craig very much. Craig has been in his life, all his life. In fact, the very first Thanksgiving Craig came to my house when we were dating is when my brother and sister-in-law announced they were going to have another baby.

These two guys have a very special bond which this photo shows.

Emerson and Craig

Erika is amazing with Dagny, which does not surprise me one bit. I always knew she would be great with my children, she just has that touch. Even now Dagny asks to talk with Erika on Skype. She literally points to my computer and says “Erika”.

The girls on a hike

Erika really wanted to go to the Strong Museum of Play while she was up here. She heard so much about it from me.

Erika, Dagny, and Big Bird.

Watching some Classics Sesame Street, of course.

Watching Classic Shows

Of course, on the way out Erika had to take her for a ride on the horse.

Dagny and Erika

I really tired to take a good photo of my three favorite kids… best I could do.

My favorite three kiddos
Emerson, Erika, and Dagny

Even today Dagny asks about her cousins, she misses them, we miss them too.


Sunflowers Galore

One of the things we did while Erika and Emerson were visiting us was go and take some photos with the sunflowers.

Little Boo
Little D


Foto Monday

My little girl and I on a hike.


Our New Addition

Now that we’re a busy, on the go family, it was time for Barbara and I to purchase a family car. So over the past couple of months we have been searching for the right car for us. And after looking at three different models we singled it down to one.

The Honda CR-V!

We picked it up yesterday and we are truly enjoying every inch of it. Below are some pictures of our beauty.

Black Beauty
Black Beauty
CR-V Trunk
Look at all the room!
CR-V Back Seats
Dagny’s Domain (back seats)
CR-V Front Seats
Mommy & Daddy’s Domain (front seats)
CR-V Steering Wheel
Look at all the buttons
CR-V Console
This is truly a thing of beauty.
CR-V Navigation
Where shall we go today?
Daddy & Dagny in front
Hey, I think we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves ;-)
Dagny & The Nav
Looks like Dagny already has this Nav thing down.