Photobooth Fun

So, Dagny and I had lots of fun today with Apple’s Photobooth. Dagny has always been super funny, but lately she has taken her sense of humor to the next level. She absolutely loves making funny faces with us. Mind you our little boo is under the weather, yet she is up for some fun.

Here are some lots of photos of my little ham.


Weekend In Binghampton

This weekend my Mom, Dagny, and I went to (Bing)Hampton to have Dagny experience her very first bonfire. Craig initially bought a ticket to the event, but unfortunately he decided to stay home with our two eldest and sleep all day, I guess I should mention that he has the flu. In all seriousness, he felt so bad he couldn’t come along and he was very missed.

front row seat

We had a really great time. Dagny just loves them all and of course she was all about Erika and Emerson.

Em and Dagny

Erika, Dagny, Bear, and Lexi on a walk.

the girls

My new favorite photo of them.

Dagny and Emerson

My other girl and I.

I love this girl so much

Being silly with my girl.

having fun

I slept with my little girl for the first time in one bed and it was so awesome. We actually started in separate beds, but in the middle of the night she woke up crying and asking for me. This is a very rare occurrence, she usually sleeps through the night. I figured it was her new surrounds so I got her up and put her in bed with me. I was worried that she wouldn’t want to fall back asleep and want to play, but to my surprise she fell asleep pretty much right away. I on the other hand didn’t sleep the greatest, she not only was glued to me, but I was scared she would roll off the bed. I guess I finally did get some shuteye because this was perhaps the best way I was every woken up. Dagny said “Mama” and caressed my face. Then we looked into each others eyes and smiled. How could I have a bad day after that?!

My little girl and I.

little boo and I

In two weeks the gang is getting all together in Boston. Can I say I love my family. Can’t wait!


Our Smart Little Cookie

Today Craig and I took Dagny to her doctor for a check-up and a couple of shots. I am not sure we should be so excited about going to our child’s doctor. But, it’s been four months since Dr. P has seen Dagny and we were so excited to see what she thought of her development.

In the past, Dagny would cry while getting her measurements. This time not one sound. We were so proud of our little pup.

Little D was talking with Dr. P and was singing the alphabet song to her. But what was really adorable, as she was singing she put her arm on her eyes because she got shy. That is the first time Craig and I have seen her do that. It was so cute.

Our little boo has grown over two inches in four months. We have been noticing it on her clothes, but to actually see the numbers…wow.

Here are Dagny’s stats:

* Weight – 29 lbs 5 oz – 85%
* Height – 34 in – 75%
* Head Circumference – 18 in 3/4 – 60%

Now, the really great news. Dr. P said that Dagny not only caught up (being in an orphanage the first year of her life), but has surpassed kids her own age. We were told that Dagny has an above average IQ. We have one smart cookie.

we love you


Sunday’s Activities

This morning we woke up and Craig made us some yummy pancakes. With our tummies all full we headed to Powers Farm Market to try and beat the crowd, which we succeed in. This place is awesome. Everywhere you turn there are things to do and Dagny was up for it all.

Here we are waiting for the Hayride.

Grandma, Mommy, and Daughter

Here is Little D on it.


Here are some things we saw.

After the Hayride Dagny we went into the tepee. She really has no fear. It’s dark in there.

where is Dagny?

We said hi to the locals.

“hi, goat.”

And Bear wanted to go on a ride.

Then we went home to have some lunch, put Dagny down for a nap and I made chili. When Dagny got up from her nap we decided to go for a walk, which then turned into going to the park.

Here is D on her favorite park accessory.


Her second favorite.


I think she looks like she is on the space station here.

She was ready to go home and we were too.

all done


Fall Activities Have Started

Like I mentioned in a past post Autumn is my most favorite season. I love everything about it, from the chill in the air, to the colors, smells, and all the great fun to be had. This year I am so excited to be sharing this with Dagny. So, to kick off the season we went Apple picking today and we all had a blast. I’m happy to report that Dagny is a natural, which is important because Apples right now are her most favorite fruit.

Here we are ready to roll.


Someone was excited to see all the apples.


Where to start?

I love this shot

Here I am showing Dagny how it’s done.

All by herself.

big girl

Dagny helping Agi Mama carrying the apples. What a thoughtful little girl.

let me help you Agi Mama



Afterward, Dagny wanted to go down the slide… a lot.


When we got home Dagny and I baked Praline-Apple bread, instead of the traditional Apple Pie. Which by the way, I need to make real soon if I want my marriage to stay happy.

baking together

All done.

all done