Cobble Creek Farms

Today we went to Cobble Creek Farms (Thanks, Maria!) with Grandma Jen and there was tons of stuff to do.

We went on yet another hayride. This one was the longest one we have been on yet.

Craig and Dagny

We took silly photos with silly things.

yeap.. that’s what that is

Dagny checked out the digs.

“I just don’t know Mom, I just think its a little small.”

We picked out our pumpkins.

Where’s Dagny?

And, we checked out the locals.

pretty girl


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  • Maria

    Sorry I missed your phone call! I left my cell phone on and discovered it was dead Sunday afternoon when I went to use it. Once recharged, I had a couple of voice mails waiting for me… including yours :(

    Looks like you guys had lots of fun and fall might even be Dagny’s favorite season (that is until Christmas comes along this year :)