Halloween 2009

This year was the first time Little Miss D got to celebrate Halloween. This little girl went to two parties and trick-or-treating, what a way to start out.

It all started on Friday at school. Dagny had a Halloween party with her friends at day care. This was Craig and I’s first “social event” as parents and I think we enjoyed it more than Dagny.

Here is Lil D. I swear saying “Please, Mom you’re embarrassing me with all these photos.” I must admit I took a lot, but I couldn’t help myself. I want to catch every moment of this little girls life. I promised Dagny I would slow down… a little.

for real, mom?

After a crazy amount of food and trick-or-treating at school, we went home where we took a whole bunch of wonderful photos of Dagny in the backyard (previous post).

The following day we headed over to our friend’s (Jamie and Steve) house to celebrate their twin’s (Michael and Gianna) 1st birthday. Unfortunately, we had to leave early and we missed the kids blowing out their candle because Dagny got sick. Little Boo had so much sweets (she doesn’t normally consume) that it did a number on her stomach. It got so bad we weren’t even sure if we were going to go trick-or-treating. Anyhoo, here are a few photos from the party.

Here is Gianna, opening up some of her gifts.
Here is Mikey aka Yoda.

Here are a couple of Dagny before she got sick.

my pretty girl
hide and seek

After a nap, Dagny seemed much better. So we decided to take a chance and go trick-or-treating. We weren’t planning to go far, and if we needed to come home we could, but we really wanted Dagny to have this experience.

When we got to the first house (our next door neighbors) and she got her first candy, you can tell she was sizing this up. Like, “wait, I go and say “trick-or-treat” and they give me something… hmmm, I like this.” She was so ready to hit the following house. She thoroughly enjoyed herself.

here she is with her daddy

Ready to go to the next house.

hurry mom, we got to keep going

Because she was so cute (according to the people we visited and of course us) she got extra candy. We heard this line over and over again “She is so cute, here have one more” and “here is one for Bear”. It got to the point that Dagny didn’t want to carry her pumpkin because it was so heavy. So, I had to carry it, until we got to the next door, where she took it from me. When she was done it came right back to me to hold.

I’m ready for more… lets go

This was our last stop. My mom was kind enough to hand out candy while Craig and I took Dagny out. Before we went in for the night, Dagny said “Trick-or-Treat” to her Agi Mama. It was so adorable.

last stop

Here is the load.

the final count

It was a wonderful experience even with the crazy wind and chilly weather. I think Dagny really had fun, perhaps as much as Craig and I.


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    Thanks Maria,

    I think Barbara and I are really excited about this new feature too. It’ll be better to showcase some of the great pictures that we have of Dagny and the rest of the family.


  • Maria

    Love the new functionality! Being able to click on pictures and see them larger is wonderful :)