Thanksgiving 2009

What a difference a year makes?

Last year Craig and I made a stop at Binghamtom for a quick Thanksgiving linner at my brother’s before heading to Long Island to spend the night. The day after we had a flight out to Russia for court and to spend three weeks in Moscow with our baby girl. This year the entire family was together again celebrating not only Thanksgiving, but also Dagny. This was Dagny’s first Thanksgiving with the family and it was wonderful seeing her with her family. She just loves them all so much and they all love her!

So, instead of a long wordy post I thought I would give a visual breakdown of our turkey weekend.

Here are the ladies in the kitchen getting the fiesta ready.

the ladies

Here, Dagny is running back and forth between Erika and Tim. Simple things like this makes Dagny a happy toddler.

Erika and Dagny playing
Uncle Tim and Dagny playing

Here are my favorite three kids in the world getting ready to eat.

My three favorite kids

After dinner, we had Dagny open some of her birthday presents from her family. Here is Dagny’s very first bike (Radio Flyer) from Uncle Emeric and Aunt Edit. Dagny loves it!

Dagny’s new wheels

Here is Dagny playing with Grandma and Grandpa Johnson’s gift. She loves anything to do with animals and the alphabet, no joke. Needless, to say she loves her present.

Loving the Zoo

Because, Dagny’s new bike is tad bit big, Uncle Emeric and Aunt Edit got her a 4-wheeler that she can ride right now. She is one lucky girl to have such loving Uncle and Aunt. Currently, Dagny is riding it around the house with her Bear as her passenger.

Yet, another from Uncle Emeric and Aunt Edit

Here is Emerson and I watching Dagny play with her new toys. I love this boy so much!

Me and my boy

This might be my most favorite photo of the weekend. Here is everyone reacting to Dagny’s excitement playing with her Uncle Emeric’s chips. I just love everyone’s reaction.

Favorite photo of the weekend

Here, Dagny is helping out Uncle Emeric by being his good luck charm. “Yay! we won!”

Uncle Emeric’s good luck charm

Here is Emerson saying good-bye to Dagny. Ok, how sweet is this? It makes my heart overflow with joy seeing this.

Makes me melt

And here is Dagny playing with her Daddy and Uncle Tim.

Dagny playing Magic with her Dad and Uncle.

We have so much to be thankful for, especially our beautiful daughter!


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