Our Day

Dearest Dagny,

One year ago today, your Dad and I stood in a Russian courtroom and heard the most beautiful words we have ever heard; that we were your parents and you were our daughter.

That day only rivaled our first meeting when it came to our emotions. I remember waking up that morning and thinking that this day forever will change our roles in the world. Nerves weren’t an issue for me at that point, that came later in the day. I was as calm as a nail, which is out of character for me. I am usually the nervous type. But, I knew that you were our daughter and the Judge would see it that way too. As we waited to be called into the courtroom, one of our team members, Vlad, wrote up a request in Russian to the Orphanage Deputy Director requesting permission to have custody of you for the 10-day waiting period. I remember your Dad and I signing it and thinking, “WOW, she might be in our arms today forever.” That was very emotional. While we were in the courtroom and we were waiting for the Judge to come to a decision, I was sitting next to your Father holding his hand and looking forward. If I would of looked at him, I think I would of lost it. The Judge came back and we stood up, and she made her ruling that we were your parents. There was a big lump in my throat and tears rolling down my checks. It was the happiest moment in my life, Dagny.

After court we drove back to the Orphanage to see you and to drop off the Deputy Director. At this point we still didn’t know if were taking you back to the apartment with us. When we got there you were taking a nap and all we knew was they were getting you up. The next thing we knew they were asking for the clothes we brought along just in case. As they were dressing you, your Dad and I were watching. You were so tiny and all ours. That is when the nervousness kicked in for me. I was a Mom and I was now responsible for another human being. It can be a little overwhelming. Up until then our mind was about the adoption process and how to bring you home. When we got through court and all worries were done the reality that we were now parents set in. When I looked at you, all I kept thinking was how lucky I was to have such a beautiful daughter and you were put on this earth for us to be your parents.

After they bundled you all up, we walked out of the orphanage with you in our arms. You were closing that chapter of your life and we were doing the same. We were now beginning the most beautiful thing, a family, our family.

This first year went by in a blink of an eye and I realize the years are going to continue go by that way. Everyday I try and take a moment and just look at you and soak it all in. You have grown so much in one year it’s unbelievable.

Just know how much me love you and how much happiness you have brought into our lives.

We love you very much.

December 1 2008

Riding away
With Mommy

December 1 2009

Today with your buddies
one more


Mommy and Daddy

2 comments to Our Day

  • congrats of becoming parents :) (I know it’s a year late) LOL but I always knew you 2 would be great parents :) dagny is VERY BEAUTIFUL :)

  • Maria

    Happy 1 year Anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been a year already. And those ‘oh my gosh – I’m a parent’ jitters are certainly a thing of the past… you guys were meant to be parents :)