A Christmas Story (2009)

This year we spent Christmas in Ohio with Craig’s parents. We were a little weary about the long drive, as last time we made this trip it wasn’t very fun. But, we had something up our sleeves that we hoped would help. This past Thanksgiving my brother and sister-in-law gave us their old portable DVD player that Erika and Emerson used prior to their new car that has one built-in. We bought a few Sesame Street DVD’s that we thought Dagny would enjoy. When the moment of truth came, we were excited to see Dagny’s reaction. She loved it. Portable DVD is a godsend when you go on long trips and your child is in a car seat. Love it, love it. Can’t recommended it enough.

Dagny enjoying her DVD player (taken on my iPhone)

So, with that said, the trip was smooth, with no issues at all. What a difference six months and technology makes.

When we arrived, Tim, Craig’s brother, was also there. He flew in from Texas a few days before. It was so wonderful seeing him again. Dagny just adores her uncle, all she wanted to do was be held by him and look for Benny, the family cat. Here are some photos of them playing.

“I’m going to get you”

Lily enjoyed herself too. She loved to look outside and see if she could get a glimpse of the deer, that are frequent visitors in the backyard.

the visitors

Dagny enjoyed Grandma reading to her, actually more like quizzing her. Dagny loves to be quizzed. The new thing she has been doing for a few weeks now, is answer for Bear. We have to ask Bear the questions and she responds for her/him.

Grandma and Dagny

Here is Dagny sitting in her Grandma’s rocking chair from when she was a little girl. So sweet.

pretty girl

Here, Dagny looking at the ornaments with Uncle Tim.

Tim and Dagny

We had a wonderful Prime Rib dinner with all the fixings. Yummy.

Here are the two brothers looking at Little Miss D.


The Johnson men.

the Johnson men

Here we are.


Dagny wasn’t very into opening gifts. She just didn’t seem interested. I am sure that will change next year. But, when she did open some, she was SUPER slow. Every little piece she ripped off, she walked it over to her Grandpa, which was very cute.

opening gifts

The big gift that we Santa got Dagny was a kitchen set. When we got home Dagny found her kitchen set under next to the tree waiting for her. Here she is seeing it or the first time.

Dagny with her kitchen

Santa, Aunt Edit and Uncle Emeric had a conversation because Dagny got play food, an apron set, and a shopping cart filled with goodies. Dagny is in imagination heaven.

ready to cook
Hot Pancake

In case you didn’t know there lives an Elmo fan in this house.

someone loves elmo

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.


4 comments to A Christmas Story (2009)

  • jlbryd

    It looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas in Ohio!! Were all of those stuffed animals under the tree for Dagny?? Can’t wait to see you guys in the new year!!!

  • Maria

    Worth the wait :)
    I look back at last year and can’t believe how much Dagny’s grown.

    Happy New Year!

  • erika

    i love the pics and so do my parents i love the lil kitchen now craig can play hide the food with her like he did with me when i was lil. lol love you guys have a great new year

  • Holly

    I had to look closely—Dagny looks like a little dolly in that rocker under the Christmas tree–so cute! Cassi got a kitchen this year, too! :) If you think the DVD player is great in the car, wait until Dagny is a lot older–Nintendo DS is even better! lol