Dagny’s 2nd Birthday Party

Saturday was a big day at the Johnson’s. Little Miss D turned two years old and we had a small party to celebrate the occasion. The original plan was to celebrate Dagny’s birthday when our families come up for Thanksgiving. But, that all changed when we went to Micky’s and Gianna’s Birthday party. I was talking with Jamie (the mom of the two cuties) and she told me I had to throw one. So, I quickly texted, emailed, and designed an invitation to send out. Unfortunately, because of the very short notice we had many people that couldn’t make it. Fortunately thou there were many that could.

the invite

I made a teddy bear cake for Dagny, because this child LOVES her stuffed animals, in particular her bears. I am a little proud of myself, I think it came out pretty good.

getting ready to blow out her candles

I am so angry at myself because we didn’t take many photos. Lucky, other people took some.

Jacob and Dagny

Here are some photos of Dagny playing with her gifts.

cool lady

I don’t think I have ever run across such an amazing four year old boy. Jacob was the most well behaved, warm hearted, helpful little boy. He was so cute and so nice to Dagny. I was so blown away with how well they played together. Dagny was very sad and practically cried when Jacob went home. Even the following morning she asked for Jacob.

Here is Jacob helping Dagny open her gifts.

what a sweetheart

Here they are playing.

playing so nicely together
Jacob showing Dagny the ropes

Michael and Gannia came a little later to the party, but it was so great to see them. I swear they grew so much these past two weeks.

sweet little Michael

Check out my little anti-social bug in the back. That’s not fair of me, she was actually very much in the in mix.

pretty little G

Earlier in the week, Craig and I surprised Dagny at school with a Sesame Street themed birthday cake cupcake.

The cake is actually made up of individual cupcakes. I think that is the coolest thing I have seen since the iPhone. Seriously, how cool is that?!

Elmo cake

All the kids cared about were these two little guys.

Big Bird and Elmo

Look how they are eyeing it.


Here is my child going downtown on her piece.


Part three of the celebration is going to be when our families come up for Thanksgiving. It’s so nice to be able to celebrate Dagny’s Birthday with so many different people. She is such a special little girl and she deserves all this love and attention.


Happy 2nd Birthday, Dagny!

Dearest Dagny,

A year ago today, I was the saddest person in the world. It was killing me inside that I could not be with you on your first birthday. Even thou I wasn’t able to hold you in my arms, please do know that I was thinking of you every single minute. Your daddy and I got a piece of cake with a candle and we blew it out for you. I just want you to know that you were not forgotten one bit. We were with you that day in our hearts, don’t ever forget that!

Today, you are two years old. It is so weird for me to think of you in years. This past year you went through so many developmental stages and all categorized by months. So, from now on little boo, I will no longer be breaking down your age in months.

You are such a bright little cookie. You recognize your letters and you’re able to not only point to them when I ask you, but tell me what they are. You love to sing the ABC song, you still have gaps between the the letters, but you’re working on it.

Along with your letters, you also know your numbers. You have been recognizing them for a couple of months now, but now you can count in order from 1 to 10. I almost fell off my chair when I heard you doing it the first time. No joke, you stood in front of me and you started counting out loud and using your hand.

You also know your shapes. You have a puzzle that is made up of different ones. I sit with you sometimes and you love to pick a shape and tell what it is and put it in its place. The shapes are circle, rectangle, triangle, diamond, oval, octagon, and pentagon.

You are talking, talking, talking. You are not just doing the one word thing, but putting small sentence together. It’s an amazing thing to witness. What makes it even more neat is that you are understanding and responding in two languages. When I ask you in Hungarian, how old you are you respond in Hungarian, two. When I ask you the same question in English, you respond in English. That is so cool little boo. You also love to tell us “I’ll be right back” and run off to get a toy and then when you come back you say “I’m back”. You also love handing me things and saying “Here you go” with a big grin on your face.

This year you have learned so much from cognitive skills, motor skills, and social skills. I am so happy that you let us in your heart, because our hearts are overfilled with our love for you.

You are an amazing little girl. I am so proud to call you my daughter.

Seriously, when did you get so big?!

so big

Happy Birthday, Sweet Pee.
We love you so very much!


Mature Lot, Really?

When we were looking at houses, one of the top things on our list was a mature lot, in other words, lots of trees. Every fall around this time I find myself asking, “Mature lot, really?”

Our tree in the front, takes forever to drop it’s leaves. It’s usually done right before the snow comes and in the spring when the snow is gone, we have a very unattractive lawn, ewww. This year we have been extra good with raking the leaves that have fallen so far. The weather has also been cooperative. In addition, we have this extra little bonus of a child called, Dagny. It has been so much fun taking her outside and having her play in the leaves. So I guess I’m still loving the mature lot idea.

So worth it!
Doing her part, raking the driveway.
Enjoying the yard
Someone loves her Daddy
Cuteness, with a capital C

Yeah, so very worth it!


Halloween 2009

This year was the first time Little Miss D got to celebrate Halloween. This little girl went to two parties and trick-or-treating, what a way to start out.

It all started on Friday at school. Dagny had a Halloween party with her friends at day care. This was Craig and I’s first “social event” as parents and I think we enjoyed it more than Dagny.

Here is Lil D. I swear saying “Please, Mom you’re embarrassing me with all these photos.” I must admit I took a lot, but I couldn’t help myself. I want to catch every moment of this little girls life. I promised Dagny I would slow down… a little.

for real, mom?

After a crazy amount of food and trick-or-treating at school, we went home where we took a whole bunch of wonderful photos of Dagny in the backyard (previous post).

The following day we headed over to our friend’s (Jamie and Steve) house to celebrate their twin’s (Michael and Gianna) 1st birthday. Unfortunately, we had to leave early and we missed the kids blowing out their candle because Dagny got sick. Little Boo had so much sweets (she doesn’t normally consume) that it did a number on her stomach. It got so bad we weren’t even sure if we were going to go trick-or-treating. Anyhoo, here are a few photos from the party.

Here is Gianna, opening up some of her gifts.
Here is Mikey aka Yoda.

Here are a couple of Dagny before she got sick.

my pretty girl
hide and seek

After a nap, Dagny seemed much better. So we decided to take a chance and go trick-or-treating. We weren’t planning to go far, and if we needed to come home we could, but we really wanted Dagny to have this experience.

When we got to the first house (our next door neighbors) and she got her first candy, you can tell she was sizing this up. Like, “wait, I go and say “trick-or-treat” and they give me something… hmmm, I like this.” She was so ready to hit the following house. She thoroughly enjoyed herself.

here she is with her daddy

Ready to go to the next house.

hurry mom, we got to keep going

Because she was so cute (according to the people we visited and of course us) she got extra candy. We heard this line over and over again “She is so cute, here have one more” and “here is one for Bear”. It got to the point that Dagny didn’t want to carry her pumpkin because it was so heavy. So, I had to carry it, until we got to the next door, where she took it from me. When she was done it came right back to me to hold.

I’m ready for more… lets go

This was our last stop. My mom was kind enough to hand out candy while Craig and I took Dagny out. Before we went in for the night, Dagny said “Trick-or-Treat” to her Agi Mama. It was so adorable.

last stop

Here is the load.

the final count

It was a wonderful experience even with the crazy wind and chilly weather. I think Dagny really had fun, perhaps as much as Craig and I.


Look What We Found…

… the cutest little ladybug in our backyard.

it’s a ladybug
what a cutie
Dagny loves it when we chase her
pretty profile