Happy 2010!

This past year was perhaps the best year, ever! Can you guess why? OK, I will tell you…. DAGNY! Craig and I had the best time getting to know our little girl and enjoying our new roles as parents. I love everything about 2009. With that said, I am looking forward to 2010. I personally have lots of things I would love to accomplish this year, wish me luck, I might have bitten more off then I can chew. But, I am looking forward to the challenge and hoping for the very best outcome.

We had a great New Years Eve. Our friend, Eva, is visiting with us and was here to ring in the New Year. We all had a wonderful time munching on homemade h’oeuvres.

Here is Dagny with her Daddy.

never gets old

Last year we took Dagny on a Carousal ride on New Years Day. We decided this is going to be a new tradition, until Dagny doesn’t think it’s cool any longer, which might be sooner then later. Right now thou, she loves it. She kept saying “Dagny on horsey” over and over again.

waiting our turn
loving the ride

Happy New Year’s to you all!


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