Growing Up

It seems like Dagny is getting bigger and I am not talking about size. Sleeping has never been an issue with her, she was/is a great sleeper. What we have noticed since we got back from Ohio is that when we put her down at night she stays lying down. In the past when we would put her down for the night, she would jump right up and start crying after me or Craig and after five minutes (longest five minutes) she would fall asleep. Now, we put her down and we are able to tuck her in without her jumping up. The first time she did this Craig and I looked at each other in amazement. We initially thought this might be because she was home in her own bed after being away for close to a week. But, it keeps on happening. She is growing up. We feel so much more comfortable about transitioning her to a “big girl” bed when the time comes, which we are not rushing to do.

funny girl

In other Dagny news. Her speech is at the next level. You can totally have a mini conversation with her. She is able to put three to four words in a sentence in with her baby language and you can make out what she is trying to convey to you. What is so amazing is that when you answer her back, she then moves forward with the conversation. It’s pretty amazing watching this unfold. She is also starting to talk in Hungarian more and more. She has understood Hungarian for a while now, but now she is using it interchangeably with English.

“It’s Daddy!”

Dagny knows her colors. Some of the colors are green (I think is her favorite), yellow, red, blue, pink, brown, black, white, and purple. When she sees Jeff (the purple Wiggle from The Wiggles), she says “Jeff…purple shirt.”

our little photographer

She loves music and anything to do with it. She will dance and asks us all to join her. I have a dust wand thingy that she plays with all the time. Depending on time of day, that wand turns into a guitar, violin, flute, drumstick, or tickle tool. Her imagination has really taken off. She loves playing with her kitchen. She will say things like. “Dagny making soup.” or “Dagny making coffee.” and then brings it to us for us to eat or drink. The kitchen is a big hit.

I know this sounds like an old record, but she can recognize all her letters, without fail. She can count to 12. She knows more animals by name then I do. To name a few, she knows what a Walrus, Flamingo, Vulture, Nightingale, Quail, Yak, and Jaguar are.

This turned into a longer Dagny post than it started off.



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