Two Going On Twelve

Not quite sure when this happened, but Dagny is sure looking all grown-up.

all grown up


Just Because

my girl


Erika and Emerson In The House

Erika and Emerson are here for their annual February visit. It has never been so hard putting Dagny down at night as it has been this week. She just cries for her cousins. Do you blame her? She is having a blast with these two.

tickle time
snow fun
she absolutely loves this boy
she absolutely loves this girl

We are going to have one sad little girl on our hands when her cousins go home. I am not looking forward to that at all.


Signs Of A Girly Girl

In the past few weeks I have noticed a shift in Dagny’s behavior. She is really becoming a girly girl. The first time I realized this was at a shoe store, how ironic. I was looking to get her some new dress shoes. I asked her if she liked the pair I picked out, she said “No. Pink one Mommy.” as she pointed to them. I just looked at her in disbelief and she just kept on pointing to them.

When we were at the dentist she got three Mardi Gras beads. Those beads have not left her side except for when she is sleeping or at school. She puts it on us, on herself and then asks me to pick her up so she can see herself in the mirror wearing them and then says “Pretty Dagny.”.

She loves lipstick (or as Dagny says yipstick). I gave her a ChapStick because she was going into my bag taking out my lip gloss when I wasn’t around. She loves pretending she is putting on her yipstick.

Here is my little Diva playing dress up.

my little diva

That is the scarf my Mom knitted for her, she loves to walk around with it.

dress up

The purple bead.

And, of course with her bracelets.


Dagny’s Annual Photo 2009

This is really late, but better then never.

Dagny 2 years old – 2009

Dagny Two Years Old