Dagny’s First Easter Egg Hunt

This past Saturday all of us went to RIT for their annual Easter Egg Hunt. This was Dagny’s first time and she handled it like a PRO.

Here is Dagny checking out the Tiger. Not quite sure how to react.

big bad tiger

We had some time before the event started, so we decided to go into the Student Union and warm up a little. This of course translates to running around for Dagny.

staying warm before the games

We are all lined up and ready for the mad dash, which for toddlers really means slow dash.

getting ready
and their off

Each child was allowed a maximum of five eggs. Here are Little Miss D’s.

final five

There is something surreal about seeing your child walking down the same path that you did as a college student.

Here is Dagny showing the Tiger the eggs she collected.

showing her eggs

We can’t wait until next years Easter Egg Hunt.


Wordless Wednesday

getting there

Spring Is Here…. Kind Of

Ok, so technically it’s not spring, but Mother Nature doesn’t seem to know that, thou I think she caught on because lousy weather is making its way back. That’s March for you.

My Mom and I took Little Miss D to the park yesterday. I haven’t seen such excitement come over her as it did when she saw the park. It was genuine happiness. It was like Christmas and Birthday all rolled up in one. Or perhaps like if someone won 2 million dollars on the lottery.

The excitement followed us home. She goes into what we call a giggle high. Something will set her off and she will giggle up a storm. It’s really funny because a few weeks back she truly discovered humor. She will watch something on TV and if it’s funny she will laugh out loud.

One more thing. She is starting to say funny things that makes us laugh out loud.

Just like Craig she LOVES Chicken Paprikash!
At dinner last night.
Me:”Awwww. You’re Daddy’s little girl.”
Dagny: “Noooooo. Daddy is a boy.”


You Had Us At The Front Door

The moment we drove up to this house I got a tickling feeling in the pit of my stomach. No house has done that to me since we started the search. They say you feel it the moment you walk into a house if it’s meant to be yours, like the house talks to you or something. As we waited for our Realtor to open the lock box Craig and I looked at each other and had the biggest smiles on our face. We were on the same page before we even walked in. We knew this house was special and it was talking to us without us even saying a word to each other.

front door

Craig and I really were interested in getting a Tudor style house. We just LOVE all the beautiful wood work that those types of houses have to offer. The problem is there are not that many out there in our price range or in Brighton. We really thought we were moving into an apartment for the time being. Then the house gods offered this little gem to us. It is everything Craig and I were looking for and more. We have lots of great ideas on how to add on in the future and make it even more special, but for now we just can’t wait to move in.

Here is a photo of the house that was taken in the summer. I took this photo with my iPhone off of a photo that was left in the dining room. The quality is not the greatest. But, look how beautiful this house is!


In the living room there is this beautiful work of art. I can’t wait to sit and turn on the gas fireplace. We are ecstatic that it’s not a wood fireplace. Been there, done it. I won’t miss the mess, even thou the smell was awesome. We are looking forward to pushing a button and having an instant fire.

work of art

Here is the view of the street from the foyer.

our street

Um, yeah and it has a pool. When we first heard of the pool, we weren’t super excited about it. But, now we are. If last year is an inclination of how Dagny likes the water, then she is going to have a blast growing up in this house.


As we get closer I will post more photos. It’s been a crazy few weeks, but it looks like we are moving on to the next phase real soon, moving!