Groundhog Day

Do you remember the movie Groundhog Day? If you do, that is how Craig described our lives these past few weeks. It really was like we were living the same day over and over again. Once we closed on our new house, we had less then a week to get the house ready for us to move in. The biggest hurdle was the master bedroom and Dagny’s room, both of which was wallpapered. All I have to say is thank goodness that the rest of the house was in great condition. Those two rooms took all of our time up, this is where the Groundhog Day comes into play. For what it seemed like forever, we removed the wallpaper, cleaned the walls, patched the walls, then painted, we went home slept for 4-5 hours a night and woke up with Sonny and Cher on the radio and started all over again. But, we got it all done. We painted all three bedrooms and cleaned the house from top to bottom.

On April 12th we moved. The process took a lot longer then we thought it would, which didn’t make me too happy. I just couldn’t get Dagny’s room the way I wanted before she came home from daycare. Dagny is at the age where she definitely is aware of the world around her, but not at the level of fully understanding what and why things are happening. We tried to prep her the best we could that we were moving. We brought her to the new house a couple of times, and honestly she really seemed to enjoy herself running around and playing in her closet (she loves the door). When we picked her up and brought her home, she kept saying “No. Home. I want white house.” “Mommy, white house. Mommy, white house.” It broke our hearts to hear this. I just didn’t know how to comfort her, expect to hold her and tell her that we love her very much. To our surprise, she actually slept great the first night.

The next day, my Mom and I, went back to our old house and cleaned it from top to bottom for the new owners (it is amazing how many dust bunnies can gather up). After work Craig went over and cut the grass. We didn’t want them saying anything bad about us. We handed the house over with our heads held high.

It was so hard for Craig and I to say good-bye to our old house. We lived there for eight years, with lots of memories, good and bad. That is where I almost became a widow, that is where I saw my Dad for the last time, that is where we started our married life, and most importantly that is where we brought our little girl home. It was hard, but now when we look at our new house, we see it as our home. It feels like home more and more every single day. We love this place. It’s such a different experience. Our neighbors in our old place were nice, but it was a different type of neighborhood. Our current neighborhood is more like a community. I am serious, ever since we moved here we have seen someone on the streets walking or doing something. This is a very active neighborhood. People are so friendly here. We already met some of our neighbors and they are just lovely. I think we are going to be very happy here.


And, now I am sick. I guess the lack of sleep has finally caught up with me. I hate being sick, I hate being sick even more when I have to get stuff done. I still have so much I want to do, but unfortunately I can’t do a thing. My sides hurt so much from all the coughing going on. I don’t remember ever coughing as much as I am now. The doctor said, it’s probably a virus. He gave me a some heavy duty cough medicine to take at bedtime. So, heavy-duty that you’re not suppose to do anything, just go to bed and let it take you off to happy land. A few nights ago for the first time in a about three weeks, I actually slept for more then a few hours. I must admit I am looking forward to happy land tonight! Unfortunately, Dagny has caught whatever I have, so there are two cranking girls that Craig has to deal with.

This Saturday I felt better enough to go outside with Craig and Lily while Dagny was napping and did some yard work. Lily didn’t know what to do with a fenced in yard at first she just followed us around, but then she finally got into it.

After Dagny got up from her nap we went outside some more. She really seems to like her new surroundings. She introduces herself to our neighbors “Hi, I’m Dagny.” It’s so cute.

Okay, that’s all for now folks. I promise to post some more photos, when I feel all better.


Happy Birthday, Craig!

We love you

Both Dagny and I love you so very much.
Happy Birthday!


Barbara and Dagny

Dagny’s Second Easter Egg Hunt…

Dagny seems to be making up for last years lack of egg hunting. Today she got to hunt for some eggs at daycare. The weather was amazing. What difference in experiences for her. Saturday she was all bundled up in her winter jacket and today she was in shorts.

Here she is gathering her bounty.

got one

Check out her chin, she already got into some of her “eggs”.


My new favorite photo of the two of us.

me and my girl

After dinner we went on the deck and played with some bubbles.

almost got it


Dagny Loves Her Agi Mama


I think of you everyday. You are so missed!

I miss you

I love you.