Shannon’s Baby Shower

Saturday Dagny and I went to Shannon’s Baby Shower. It was so nice seeing Shannon and Jeremy again. Last year we were down in PA for their wedding and this August they are going to be celebrating the arrival of their son, Logan. We are so excited for Dagny to have another little friend. Knowing Shannon and Jeremy, Logan is going to be an amazing little boy.

Shannon opening up gifts for the Little Man.

Dagny trying to sneak in or out of the photo… hmmm… not sure.

I was so proud of Little Miss D. She didn’t have a nap and I was so scared she would not be… well, lets put it this way, on her best behavior. But, yet again she amazed me. Not only was she a very good little girl, but got right into the mix with the children. I just love this photo of some of the girls playing together.

While the ladies were gathering, the men went golfing.

It was so nice to see our friends that we wished lived closer. Hopefully, we will see them again in a few weeks if all things work out.


Lilac Festival 2010

We had a wonderful weekend, which we ended by heading to the Lilac Festival late Sunday afternoon. I was quite surprised at how many people were still there. I really expected a smaller crowd, since I don’t like crowds and avoid them with all my might hence why we went so late in the afternoon. But, that’s what I get for going to a festival. Oh well we still had a good time. In fact, Dagny had her first pony ride. So, we started the weekend on a plastic horse going around and around and ended on a real live pony going round and round.

Here she is, check out that grin. The pony’s name is Cupcake, which is just fitting for some reason.

Afterward we decided to leave the festival part and walk around the park. One of our favorite parts of the park is the The Poet’s Garden. Here is Dagny examining the height of one of the trees in the garden.

As we were walking Dagny and I thought we saw Little Bear behind one of the trees. Unfortunately, when we got to the tree he wasn’t there. Bummer.

Luckily, Dagny was just as happy to be held by Craig.

Until next year.


Happy 30th Month, Dagny!

My Dearest Dagny,

You’re 30 months old today, or otherwise put 2 1/2 years old.

So much has changed in the past six months. First, we moved in April to Brighton for the school district. We want you to have all the possibilities that we can offer you. The first few days you wanted to go back to the “white house”, but you are an amazing little girl, you have adjusted quickly and wonderfully to our new home. In fact, now when you see the house you say “My house”.

You have changed so much these past six months, I am not even sure where to start. I’ll start from the top, you are a very smart little girl. I say that in every letter that I write you, but the truth is you remind me of this fact every single day. You recognize your name when its written, along with cat and dog. You truly amaze me. Not only are you excelling in your primary language of English, but also in Hungarian. You know your colors as well as count to ten. You truly are a bilingual girl, you understand everything in Hungarian and when asked a question in Hungarian you respond in it. I just love watching your language unfold in both tongues. You are putting sentences together and saying the funniest things, ever. This makes for lots of laughing around the house.

A few weeks ago you started to sing. You come home from day care and start singing songs you learned at school. You love to sing the Elmo song, except you exchange Elmo for Dagny. Adorable! On most days when I pick you up from day care we listen to classical music on the ride home and you really do seem to enjoy it.

There are only two shows you watch, Sesame Street and your new favorite, Little Bear. You love your stuffed bears more then anything, it’s like this show was made for you. We actually got you a couple of Else Holmelund Minarik books and you enjoy them very much too.

Being smack in the middle of your terrible twos you are so into testing your limits. Oh, how fun. You had a really bad week when we first moved in to the house. It truly was like you were a different child. I am sure the stress of it all had a toll on you too. Now a days you seem pretty good, expects for moments here and there, which seriously little D, can we move on, because it’s not fun for your Mama.

You are a very affection child. You run up to us and give big hugs for no reason. You give big kisses on our cheeks. At night you blow kisses and say “Good-night, Mommy/Daddy.”

You are also a very friendly, polite little girl. When you meet someone you introduce yourself “Hi, I am Dagny.” and whenever we give you something you say “Thank you.” and when you want something, you asking nicely and say “Please.” I love this about you.

Of course, we celebrated your half birthday with a couple of new milestones. I finally broke down and took you for your first haircut, OK more like a trim. After some internet searching I found a place that specializes in kids haircuts. I was totally prepared to have you cry through the whole thing, but when we got there and you saw all the toys it put you in a great mood. Thank goodness! When it was your turn, I put you in the chair and the nice lady asked you what you would like to see on TV. Your choices where Elmo and the Wiggles. Wiggles won that round and so did I.

The before shot.


All done.

When daddy got home from work we went to Eastview Mall to celebrate. For Christmas you got a Build-A-Bear gift certificate from your Aunt Maria. Daddy and I thought you would enjoy building your first bear.

But, the fun wasn’t over yet. We went on a carousal ride.

All three of us had a wonderful time. You are an amazing little girl.

We love you very much!


School Photo Day – Spring 2010

We got back Dagny’s school photos today. I think they came out well… awesome! I realize I am her mom, but this girl is so darn cute.

the winner
the runner up
with her favorite buddy, mama bear.


Thank You.

Dear Dagny,

Thank you for making me a mom, your mom!

I love you so much!