Graduation Weekend

Friday we drove down to Long Island for a long weekend of family fun and celebration. We actually got in pretty early, early enough for Dagny, Craig, and Emerson to get into the pool pretty much right away.

Sure looks like she is swimming here. All I am saying.

Saturday was Erika’s graduation pool party. She invited a bunch of her friends and family. It was so nice seeing my cousins from PA and some old friends. This was the first time for them to meet Dagny. I am not surprised that everyone loved her, especially when she put on her little charm.

My cousin(s) and my eldest goddaughter.

Emerson did this a lot.

Sunday was the big day. It was Erika’s graduation and my sister-in-laws birthday. Seriously, I am still in disbelief that Erika has graduated high school. I was in high school when she was born. I refuse to believe that all this time has passed. It’s scary to think that Dagny’s graduation will come as fast as Erika’s. Ugh.

My two girls before we left for the ceremony.

Here is my girl with her two grandmas.

Erika with her parents.

My girl and I.

Later in the afternoon more pool.

I love this boy.

We also celebrated Emerson graduating from Middle School earlier in the week. He is turning into such a handsome young man. He is 6’2″ and only going to be 14 on the 13th.

Now, we wait for Tim. Then after his visit Erika and Emerson are coming. I love it.


Congratulations Erika!

Full post coming soon.

Father’s Day 2010

When I asked Craig earlier in the week what he would like to do for Father’s Day, he said “All I want to do is go in the pool with Dagny.” I must admit I thought that was the sweetest thing he could of asked for. I was so happy the weather decided to corporate and Craig was able to get his wish.

When the time came, Craig went out first to make sure the water was not too cold for Dagny. When he gave his two thumbs up, I asked Dagny if she would like to go in the pool. OMG! She jumped up with the biggest smile on her face, practically yelling “Yes!” I changed her into her bathing suit, caked on her sunblock, and put on her what looks like a life vest. Then when she was Mommy proof, she was ready for the pool.

Earlier in the day Dagny gave Craig a Father’s Day card. Since she is still a little too young to write, Dagny and I picked out a recordable card on which she left a special message.


Happy Father’s Day, Craig!

We love you very much!

Barbara and Dagny

Strawberry Picking

Dagny loves strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and anything that has berry in it’s name. I thought it would be nice to take her out and have her pick her own strawberries. I do believe we are going back real soon.