Fun Weekend With Great Friends

Saturday our good friends came over with their Lil D. It was so great seeing them and catching up. D has grown so much, he is such a sweet little boy.

Dagny and I had a conversation about a little boy coming to visit with her, because as a parent of a two year-old I just never know how she is going to react. Well, to my pleasant surprise she said “I am going to hug and kiss D…” At this point I almost melted. I thought that was such a sweet thing for her to say. I mean come on… how cute is that?!

When they arrived and we gave them a tour of the new house we made a detour to Dagny’s room. Where D enjoyed exploring. Once again my kid made me proud. Because we all know how kids can get very possessive of their toys in addition with being a toddler and an only child. So, when D showed interest in Dagny’s toys Craig and I held our breath and were ready to parent. All this build-up for nothing, because she totally shared with D. Yay daycare!

We ended up in the backyard where Craig grilled and we caught up. Later in the afternoon Dan decided to take the kids for a ride.

Sunday, we headed to the backyard to play in the pool, but first we played with the sprinklers. Because, you know the pool is not enough to meet our needs of getting wet.

I don’t see us leaving the house much this summer. Maybe by next year the novelty of the pool will wear off. Doubt it thou.