We Have A Preschooler

It’s really nothing new.  Dagny has been going to “school” for over a year now, but the fact that she is now considered a preschooler just really affects me.  She seems like she has gotten bigger over night.

The fact that she started at a new daycare, with new teachers, and new friends makes this seem so much more significant.  We tried to help her with the transition by taking her to her new daycare and having her explore her new classroom environment.  She truly seemed to love it.  This morning when I was getting Dagny ready I asked Dagny where are we going today, she replied “To preschool.” but, then she said “No, mommy, I want to go to my old school, the red school.”  Yikes!

As Craig and I dropped her off we were prepared for the worst scenario. I am not kidding you when I say she let go of our hands ran straight for the computer in her classroom. She never even turned back and looked at us.  We were so happy it was a good drop off.

I called to check in on her during the day and I was told she was doing great.

Here is our little preschooler.

Our Preschooler

Here is my girl after I picked her up this afternoon. Based on this photo I think she had a nice fun filled day.