Two Year Metcha

Two years ago today Craig and I met our little girl.  The moment we met Dagny we knew we found our daughter.  She is such an amazing a little girl.  I am so lucky to have her as my daughter.

2008 -  She was so tiny.

2009 – It’s amazing what a year can do.

2010 – And, today.  Her baby looks are all but gone.

We love you so much Little D. – Mommy and Daddy


Two Weeks In One Post

I’m too lazy to break this up into multiple posts.  So, this is going to be a photo heavy one, but what else is new?

The week before last, Craig’s mother came for her annual fall week long visit.  We tried to plan it around ZooBoo again, same as last year.  We met up with our friend, Jessica, and her son, Mason.  Mason is still a little guy, he is only seven months old, but it was so great to have them along.  It really amazes me what a year does to a child.  She really got the whole trick-or-treating concept.  She keeps asking us if it’s Halloween yet, so she can go again.

We also went back to Letchworth State Park, this time for a picnic and to check out the fall foliage.  It was chilly at first, but warmed up as the day went along.  The colors were absolutely beautiful.

Because, I just love any reason to do a project with D, we decorated a gingerbread house.   She did pretty good with sticking it out.  She especially enjoyed adding the candies to the icing.

Saturday, we went back to Powers Farm to pick out our pumpkins.  And, because I can’t just pick one photo of my girl with the pumpkins you get four.

Sunday, the fam sat down and we carved our pumpkins. Here is Dagny trying to figure out what her design will be.

The final product.  We waited for it to get dark, which isn’t a long wait now of days, and got them all lit up.

On a sad note, last week, my close friend’s Mother passed away from a lengthy battle with MS. This evening we drove out to East Syracuse to pay our respects.  It breaks my heart that my friend is hurting, because I unfortunately know very well the pain that comes with losing a parent.


Excellent Weekend For Yard Work and A Picnic

Saturday morning Craig was finally able to cut the grass after the steady rain we have had the past couple of weeks.  We then took the opportunity to trim some much needed things.

Little D loves to “garden”, she was a great help.

Then, it was time to play some catch.

Sunday, we decided to pack the fixings for a picnic and head over to Stony Brook State Park. It was perfect, absolutely perfect. The colors were beautiful, not peak, but pretty close.  After we ate lunch, we decided to go and have a look at the falls.  We got pretty far with a two year old.  D impressed us again, she walked the whole way.  I think we have a nature kid on our hand.  She loves the outdoors.

This is were we had lunch, five star accommodations!

My loves.

My mom joined us.

Little Miss D.

One of my favorites.


Happy Birthday Barbara

Dagny and I would like to wish the most wonderful woman in the world a very happy birthday.  We both love you so much.  Have a great day!


Craig & Dagny

Week Update

Last Monday we got our new windows installed!

When we walked through our house for the first time, Craig pointed to the windows and had that look of “We have to replace the windows”, and all I could do was ask the window gods, Why?  We already went through this with our previous house. Craig was so adamant about changing them, me, not so much.  But, then when we were painting the bedrooms, I quickly realized that it was something we needed to do ASAP.

We were told the process was going to take two days.  The first day they installed all twelve windows upstairs and attic.  With all the rain last week, they weren’t able to finish the outside work.  Our siding is also a little challenging.  When they built our house, they didn’t have all these fancy windows they have now.  Hopefully, the weather will cooperative so it can be finished up this week.

Here is the before and after shot (the fancy fiberglass one) of one of the windows.

I am not sure why I am compelled to share, but I have noticed in the past few months that I have a fascination with owls and polka dots.  The realization hit me one day when I was in Dagny’s room.  She has owls on her wall (and other items too) and a fair amount of polka dots clothing.  The collection doesn’t end there. What’s a bit scary is that I have realized when I am out and about I find myself looking for more owls and dots.

I think I can trace back my owl obsession to when we visited with Craig’s  great-aunt in Pittsburgh earlier this year.  She collects owls.  I remember looking at her collections and loving it.  But, I can’t seem to trace my polka dot love. I figure I will ride the wave and see if and when this phase wears off, but for now I am loving my new addiction.

I have one more addiction to share.  I am totally addicted to reading.  I have always enjoyed reading.  I am ashamed to admit I didn’t read much in 2008 and 2009.  In 2008 it was all about our adoption and all that came along with that. Like all the paperwork,  the traveling to Russia twice and living there for a month, but you know all about that.  I was so tired both physically and emotionally I had no left over energy to follow a story .  Then in 2009 it was all about getting use to being a mom and getting to know my daughter.  The desire to read was just not there.

After we moved and somewhat settled in, the urge to read was reignited in me.  It’s like I am making up for lost time, because as I put one book down I pick another up.  I can’t seem to get enough.   I am also finding I am reading books that in the past I didn’t consider my type of books.  So, there, now you know something more about me.

Now to the usually weekend update.  To keep with our Fall activities, Saturday, we went to Stokoe Farms.  It was chilly but the weather held out enough for us to have a great time.