Our little girl turned three today. She is growing up so fast.

This morning, Dagny opened her gifts from us and her Agi Mama. (Birthday party post coming shortly.)

I just really like this photo.

Getting right to business.

Dagny is always taking photos, so we got her first digital camera. I think she likes it.  As you can tell, we also like to coordinate Dagny’s shirt with her toys. We’re cool like that.

Look at that smile.

(Excuse the mess in the background.  We are still in party mode.)

Reviewing the photos.

Dagny playing with what she calls her “computer” that she got from Agi Mama.  She is really picking up on how to use the different things offered on it. And, of course the camera is not too far from her.  This scene was pretty much the whole day.

Our little techie in training!


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