Happy 3rd Birthday, Dagny!

Dearest Dagny,

You have changed so much this past year.  You are officially a little person that can convey her thoughts and emotions.  It’s so nice to start to understand what your feeling and thinking.

There has been many changes during this year, but you handled them all like a champ.  We moved this past April to Brighton for the “right” school district.  You have adjusted wonderfully to your new environment. You especially love your new in-ground pool, just like your daddy.

You started at Doodlebugs in their Preschool program this past September.  You love it!  It’s as simple as that.  You love your teachers and your new friends.  When I drop you off in the morning, you literally get swarmed by your friends.  I like mornings like that, it makes having to say good-bye to you tolerable.  I hate when you’re not with me, but I love it when you’re happy and preschool makes you very happy.

We had our first parent-teacher conference.  Your teacher, Miss Rachel, shared your evaluation with us. It breaks down to this, you are smart, far advance for your age.  I am not saying this because I am bragging, but because I am so proud of you.  In your short 3 years on this earth, you have gone through so much that most people never even come close to.  You started your life in a different country without mommy and daddy.  But now, you are where you were always meant to be.  You are home with us.  We love you so much. When I look at you and see how happy and content you are it brings tears to my eyes.

You have started to be far more emotional in good and bad ways.  The not so good ways first.  Up until now, we thought we had escaped the whole terrible twos.  I am not saying you didn’t have your moments, but all in all you were very well behaved.  Then about four weeks ago, this other child came to live with us. I have never seen this side of you, you were simply put, bad!  Daddy and I started to worry because it was out of character for you.  We have heard that 3′s could be worst then 2′s, this doesn’t make me terribly excited.  Yikes.  I will say that I have noticed yet another swift in your behavior these past few days, for the better.  It seems you’re getting out of your funk, because you have improved your listening skills.  You’re a kid and with that comes the ups and downs.  I think you just wanted to remind us of this fact.  I also think you wanted to make sure that your dad and I didn’t escape your two’s without some terrible two incidents. For the future, no need to hit all the milestones for us, we can do without these kinds.

Now for the good emotions.  Holy smokes, you show so much more affection. You love to cuddle with us.  You run to me and simply give me a big hug with a huge smile.  Sometime out of the blue, you say “Mommy, I love you!” One day when you are a mom, you realize how precious these moments are.  Nothing beats these moments, nothing.

We went to your 3 year old well-visit and you did wonderfully.  You did great by answering Dr. K’s questions with thoughtfulness and accuracy.  Kiddo, you grew 4 inches in one year, holy smokes.  You are 90% for height.  Hello!

This was another year of wonderful changes for all of us.  You are a sweet little girl, that brings so much joy to us.  I hope you sense that when you get older.

I am so proud of the person you are becoming.

I love you very much.


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  • Maria


    Your post is as beautiful as “Beautiful Dagny” :)

    She’s so going to love reading these when she’s older and can appreciate the thoughts and sentiments.