Dagny’s Third Birthday Festival… Um.. I Mean Party

Baby girl is going to be in for a rude awakening when she realizes that birthdays are actually a 1-day celebration.  It all started with Dagny’s birthday party this past Saturday, that’s 1.  Sunday, was her actual birthday, that’s 2.  Monday, the preschool had a little celebration for her, that’s 3.  So, D’s birthday turned into a 3-day festival purely by coincidence.   The kicker is we are not done.  Next week when we go to NYC we will be having her “family” birthday party.

I had so much stress fun planning her birthday.  I just want to give a big shout out to Craig who allowed his estrogen side to shine through by making all the poms.  Yet another reason why he is a great dad and life partner!

POMS a la Craig

Last year I made Dagny’s birthday cake, but this year I decided I didn’t really need to win the Mother of the Year Award.   I figured second place still gets me on the podium, so we did the next best thing, a cake and cupcakes from COLDSTONE.  Due to the success of the cake, I might still be in the running for first place.


Happy Birthday, Baby Girl

It was Mommy Bear’s birthday too.

Mommy Bear

After the party.  Someone is tired.

Long day

I already posted about Dagny’s actual birthday, so I wont recap.  Monday, Craig and I met at Lil D’s preschool after lunch to join in on the celebration.


This is when her friends were singing “Happy Birthday” to her.  She has gotten so shy lately.

Shy girl with a big crown.

I promise that I am done with the birthday posts… well, until NYC.


2 comments to Dagny’s Third Birthday Festival… Um.. I Mean Party

  • erika

    she got candyland!!!!!!!!!! bring it to my house we will play!!!!! <3

  • Maria

    How sweet! But I notice that you left out the details that Dagny had only boys at her party on Saturday… must be a premonition of things to come. Craig – you better start practicing being a tough guy; she’s a cutie :)