Party, Dance, Theater, Musuem, and Dexter

Friday evening, Craig and I went to his company’s Christmas party at Eagle Vale Country Club. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of Craig’s coworkers in the past, but it was so nice to meet more along with their spouses. We had tons of fun as the theme was Vegas Casino Night.

Saturday, we signed up Little Miss D for dance classes.  We have been talking about starting her in dance since we knew we were adopting a little girl.  At Doodle Bugs Dagny participates in weekly Doodle Dance and Tae Kwon Do. She enjoys both activities, but we really want her to have the whole dance class experience.  As I started to look into some dance studios, I remembered about one in our old neighborhood, down the street from Dagny’s preschool.  For now it looks like its going to be a good fit.  If Dagny chooses to continue as she gets older, we might consider other options.  But for now this is optimal.  After we signed up Baby Girl we went out and bought her supplies.  The Tap shoes are her favorite by far.  When she put them on at the store, we told her to go and walk on the hard surface.  When she heard the tapping that her shoes made, Baby Girl’s face lite up.  She started “tapping”, the lady that was helping us out asked how long has she been taking dance classes?  We told her this was the first time she has ever put Tap shoes on.  Lets hope her excitement continues Saturday at her first lesson.

A star is born, says her mommy.

Sunday, Craig and Dagny went to the Museum of Play while my Mamma and I went to see Mamma Mia.  It’s no secret that I love ABBA.  I have been a fan since way back in High School.  I credit my brother for introducing their music to me.  He was a teenager in the late 70′s in Europe and they were huge back then.  I am very surprised that it has taken me this long to see the musical.   Growing up in NYC,  attending the FAME school, and having lots of my friends as Vocal majors ( I was an Art major) I went to many plays and musicals. My love for musical theater solidified. All I was thinking yesterday at the performance was that I can’t wait until Dagny gets a little older so I can share this with her.

After we put Baby Girl down for the night we finally caught up with Dexter.  We had heard great things about the show, so we finally started Netflix-ing it.  OMG, it’s Soooo Gooood!  We have been watching it every free moment we have.  It’s embarrassing to say that we watched 5 seasons in about six weeks.  On the weekends we stayed up really late.  And, every morning I would say I won’t do that again, but I found myself doing it again the following night.  It’s like a potato chip, you can’t watch just one episode when you have them all.  So good. This last season is not available yet on DVD, but Craig did his thing and we are now all caught up. Now, we have to wait until next September.  Boo.


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