Christmas 2010

This year we spent Christmas with my family, the Biros, at their home away from home right outside of Binghamton. This made me so happy for a couple reasons; the drive was only three hours instead of seven and we escaped the little blizzard that hit NYC.

We drove down on the 23rd a little later then we intended on due to some bathroom tile problem, I will just leave it at that.  Their house is situated in the woods, so it’s really an amazing location. While Dagny was napping the older generation stayed home while the younger went on a hike in the woods.


Our “city dog” opted to stay in the warm house while Lexi was out and about the great outdoors.

Lexi the awesome German Shepard.

We also took advantage of the hill next to their house and went sledding. I would do about anything for my daughter. Apparently her entire family would too. Not like there was any arm twisting.

over and over again

love it

The trek up

my girls

I heart my nephew.

After a yummy Christmas Eve meal we opened our gifts.  Dagny could hardly contain her excitement about getting at her presents.

So excited

This is one of my favorites.  Having a unique name, she will NEVER (at least in this country) find her name on a mug or key chain at our local store.  But, surprisingly she does have lots of stuff with her name in print.  She’s not missing out.

Love it!

First keyboard

Some of her loot

This was one of my favorite moments.  My brother giving Dagny her first golf lesson.

I love my family.

The Biro's

We headed back on Sunday. Dagny has preschool this week.  We hate it when she misses any days, because she loves it so much. Before we left and while Dagny and my mom were in the car, Craig and I put her gifts under the tree.  Here is little Boo seeing her new piano.

so happy

It was so sweet. She asked who it was from and when we told her it was from Agi Mama, she ran to my my mom with the biggest smile on her face, EVER and thanked her. I have never seen Dagny do that before. She was so happy. I would say it was like if Craig got me a brand new BMW with a big red bow on it. I am just glad my child is content with something smaller.

OMG... so happy!

so happy

tickling the ivory

The only thing Dagny asked from Santa was a Jack-in-the-box.  We have no idea why she wanted one so bad.  It seems she was on the good list, because Santa delivered.

how cute

pure excitement

Baby girl also got a guitar.  It’s great watching her play both the piano and guitar.  Sometimes I think she wishes she can play them at the same time.To recap, she got a guitar, a grand kid piano, and a keyboard.  It’s so great how much she loves music.  I can’t wait until she is older and she can take piano lessons and/or some other instrument of her choice.

This is the best gift that Craig and I got.  Dagny made this ornament for us at preschool.  It was wrapped up in cute pink tissue paper (which I kept).  It my new favorite ornament.

Best gift

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.


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