Happy 2011!

Friday, Craig and I picked up Dagny from preschool.  She was one of the few kids that actually attended on New Year’s Eve.  But hey the girl loves it there and we paid for it, so I say let her go.  Before we left she had to go down the slide in their gym.  How can you say no to that face?  You can’t… I know.

one more time

After a wonderful New Year’s Eve dinner, Craig suggested we give Dagny a bath and let her stay up past her bedtime and see how long she would last.  I really think she would of stayed up to watch the ball drop, but the mother guilt in me felt that was just way too late.  So, at 10:30 pm I caved and we put her to bed.  Even though she went to bed past her bedtime she was still up by 7 am the next morning. Boo.

ringing in the new year

The next day we went on our traditional New Year’s Day Carousal ride.  This just doesn’t get old.

so much fun

The rest of the weekend was spent acting silly and going to the Museum of Play.

silly people

working hard


I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!


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  • Erika Biro

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!! shes going to be another year older :-O 4 years old this year… omg im going to be 19 then 20 almost done with college ahhhh we are all growing up time needs to slow down!