Not Motivated To Keep Up

My motivation to keep this blog up is at an all time low.  I  know that people read it based on our Google Analytics and from people telling me, but the lackluster of comments makes me seriously consider making this site private.  It’s just not enjoyable not getting feedback.  My thoughts are to keep it up purely for Dagny and there is no need to keep it public for that.  I am still debating about this.

A week before Christmas I got a phone call that my cousin died, then a week later we got a call that Craig’s great aunt passed away. As you can imagine it’s been hard around here.  We try our best to keep up a happy face in front of Dagny, because she doesn’t need to be aware of all that at such a young age.  So, in a span of one week I went to two funerals both in PA, one in Philadelphia and the other in Pittsburgh.  Not fun at all.

When we went to Pittsburgh we decided to leave early before Dagny got up in the morning.  This made my mom’s, and quite honestly our life’s easier.  Otherwise, there would of been a little girl crying and I think that would of made me turn back home.  When we got into town we had tons of time on our hand before we checked into our hotel and met up with Craig’s parents.  So, you ask what is one to do?  Well, go to IKEA of course.  Let me tell you, that place can put a smile on your face when your not feeling it.  We were there for about four hours and still don’t feel that was enough time.  We purchased a couple of light fixtures.  We got this and this because I can’t make my mind up for Dagny’s room.  I think the winner is the first one, because when Dagny saw it she said “Oh, that’s beautiful.” Since it was intended for her room, she really should have the last word.


Let’s see what else?

We finally picked out a wall color for our living room.  We decided to go back to our old palette from Peakview, neutral walls with white curtains.  Now all is left, is to paint and get the curtains, but at least we know this much.

On January 1 st (no joke) out of the blue Dagny asked to sleep in her big girl bed. Craig got right on it and turned her crib into a big girl bed.  She has one of those cribs that transitions to a toddler bed and then finally into a full size bed.  Up until a few days ago she has been waking up at 7 in the morning, now she is back to her 8 am wake up.  I think she finally feels fully comfortable in her new space.

Baby Girl is growing up

Sometimes I get really surprised by Dagny.  It’s not that I doubt her abilities because that’s the fathers from the truth.  But, sometimes she just catches me off guard.  For example, for Christmas we decided to get her a Scribble & Write.  Probably because of all her other new toys, she didn’t even look at it.  Then, last week she took it our of her toy chest turned it on and BAM she started writing her letters. I was honestly shocked.  I haven’t seen her even try to write letters.  What was even more impressive was the fact that she watched the explanation on how to do it and then she followed the directions.  She blows me away.

We introduced Dagny to the Wii bowling.  Here she is meeting Wii Dagny.


I just love the expressions on her face as the ball moves down the lane.

It's going...



Lately, Dagny has shown interest in sitting down with Craig and I and playing boardgames.  I must admit we have been waiting for this moment since we brought her home.


Ice Age is still Dagny’s favorite movie.

Sunday mornings

Dagny is getting so tall.  Here she is wearing 3T pants.  They fit just right, in fact kind of looking like they might be getting a bit short.  She isn’t even 3 1/2 yet. I guess the good news is summer is coming and it will be time for shorts and dresses.  I just can’t stand how fast she is growing up.

big girl

And, finally here is another photo of my pretty girl.

pretty girl


6 comments to Not Motivated To Keep Up

  • Erika Biro

    she has gotten so big i cant wait to see her again in april!!! boo you can keep on going with the post i love reading them and looking at all the pictures <3

  • Mariko Iwai

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed following your blog. I am so sorry I have never left a comment but it never really occurred to me that you would be interested. That is stupid of me. I apologize! My circumstances have changed so much since I first started following your blog. I am not even sure where I found it but I bookmarked it and have been checking up on Dagny’s development ever since. I first came across your blog when I started to consider giving up on my China adoption or at least consider an interim adoption with Russia. Your blog was one of the blogs that really inspired me during this time in my life. I finally decided to adopt and I adopted a beautiful little Asian girl (possibly half-Asian) from Moscow and brought her home on March 1st 2010. She just turned 2 last weekend. Unfortunately, nothing is known of her origins but she is beautiful and, to borrow her favorite word, “MINE”. Before I saw my sweetie’s referral picture, I often looked at the early pictures of Dagny (she is so adorable) and dreamed about what my little girl would look like. Strangely, she does look a little like Dagny and now I watch Dagny as she grows up and try to imagine what my little girl will look like when she is Dagny’s age. So this is my very long winded way of saying thank you to you for keeping such a wonderful blog. I would love to send you pictures of my dd if you send me your e-mail address. Thank you again and I am sorry for not posting sooner. Sincerely, Mariko

  • Lyn

    Enjoyed reading your adoption story. It has been 10 years since we brought our Russian Princess home from Tuva. She is also Asian still gets a little incensed when people challenge her Russian heritage and think she is Chinese. LOL

  • Shannon

    Dagny is growing so big so fast, I can’t believe it. What a cutie ;-) I think that is just so cute that she asked for her big girl bed. I bet you two were shocked when she asked. Bittersweet I am sure.

    I am sorry for both of your losses, must be so hard. A couple of years ago I lost 3 family members 3 Friday’s in a row. On the fourth Friday, I kept wondering when the phone would ring with bad news, but it never did. Hang in there. Enjoy the moment.

    Miss you guys so much, and so sad we couldn’t see you at Christmas. But by your blog, looks like you had a very nice Christmas!! :-) I do read your blog, but I know how you feel, one of the reasons we canceled ours was due to lack of motivation, lack of comments, etc.

  • Maria

    What a wonderful post! We share in your sadness, but the sudden loss of your cousin and then Craig’s great-aunt just go to show that we all need to make the most of every day and enjoy the precious little moments, but also plant the seeds for the future.

    Barbara – it appears that Dagny is inheriting your great decorating sense; love the chandelier :) Can’t wait for game night… I love Wii Bowling and CandyLand :)

  • Sam

    I like the first light fixture better