I Guess It’s Time For An Update

Dagny got a really cute valentines package from her Grandma and Grandpa Johnson. Here are some of the goodies she got. She LOVES her magnets.  She ran to the fridge and placed them right on it.  She doesn’t care that they are not meant for that, but we are not allowed to move them. So that is where they will stay.


This year Dagny handed out owls with Hershey kisses as eyes to her classmates.  It would of been so much easier just to put some candy in a bag, but what would of been the fun in that?


Emerson was just here for a week long visit.  It was so nice having him up here.  Dagny just LOVES him!  It was sad that Erika couldn’t make it up, but she is now a college girl.  She is planning a visit during her spring break.  Seriously, we have the best niece and nephew in the world.  They want to spend their vacations with us.

How awesome is this boy?  He is so loving to Dagny. Emerson is very OCD about things, but not Dagny.  She can do no wrong in his eyes.  I love that about him.  I have said this many times, but he is more like an older brother to her, then a cousin.


One afternoon they were doing push-ups together.  After about five, Dagny said “I don’t want to play this anymore.”


This happened a lot.  She was always in his arms.

Doesn't get cuter then this

Saturday, while Craig drove Emerson back Dagny and I went to our friends son’s 1st birthday party.  Of course I forgot my camera and the ones I took on my cell didn’t turn out great.

As Dagny and I were pulling into the driveway so was Craig we couldn’t plan that even if we tried to.  We grabbed a quick dinner and then headed out to Eastview because we promised Dagny we would take her to Build-A-Bear to look for some clothes for Mommy Bear.  When we got there nothing jumped out at her, so we left empty handed.  I just love this about my girl. She is not one of those kids that has to have something every time we walk into a store.

We walked around the mall for a little bit.  We went into Hallmark and I was able to capture this photo.  I just think it’s so cute.

Hey there

Today, we went to the zoo, again. I think this has become my new favorite thing to do.


pretty girl

my girl

All I kept thinking about was Harry Potter...

so stinky cute

my babies


Yo… We’ve Been Busy!

I think this will work best in bullet form.

  • I have been on a decluttering kick since the New Year.  It’s spring cleaning at the Johnsons except it’s the middle of winter.  It feels great and anything that makes me feel great is well… great. On the weekends it all about, you guessed it Dagny.
  • She has gone through some pretty amazing milestones this past month.  She is sleeping in a big girl bed and now on the way of being totally potty trained.  She seems to be one of those people that it has to be on her terms and when she decides to do it, it’s done.  From day to night with her. Potty training has been a battle with her, well more for us.  She was not interested in it at all.  We talked with her pediatrician about it and she told us not to worry too much about it, when she is ready we will know.  Easier said then done.  I took it personally and felt like a failure.  I mean what mom can’t teach her child this pretty important life necessity.  What frustrated me the most was I knew she was so ready for it.  She totally got it.  She was just lazy or as Craig put too smart for her own good.  Then finally I looked at her and realized I know my child better then I sometime think I do.  I have noticed she sometimes needs a little push and then watch out there is no turning back with her.  So, Thursday, I finally told her that her Pull-Ups (not a fan) don’t fit her anymore and that she has to wear her underwear .  She looked at me for a second and asked if her Mommy Bear can have them.  I said “Of course!”.  Oh, I forgot to mentioned this all went down right before her nap. Great timing, eh?  As I put her down for her nap, I reminded her that she has underwear on and if she needs to potty to call me.  She told me she won’t potty in her big girl bed. Yet the pessimist in me  still expected a wet bed. About an hour later she called me and when I opened the door she jumped out of bed and ran for the bathroom and went potty.  I was so proud and stunned at the same time.  I think I needed to be ready, just as much a Dagny. She went to preschool Friday with three sets of pants and underwear  (perhaps a bit over precautions) and she had ZERO accidents.  Today, as she was playing hide-and-seek with Craig and with all the fun and running around she had her first accident since Thursday afternoon.  I am so proud of her, but still a little frustrated because this proves my point that she has been ready for quite some time.
  • Dagny has been saying some really funny things lately.  She has been on a baby kick.  One morning as I was getting her ready, she told me that she wants a baby sister.  I must admit I just stood there for a second and let my brain process what she said.  It was so random.  She told me I have a baby in my tummy and it’s her baby sister.  Alright then.  I am assuming this is all coming from preschool.  Her best friend is going to have a baby sister or brother. The whole thing is very sweet.
  • Dance has been going real good.  It started off a little slow.  In her first lesson she kept trying to leave her classroom.  I really thought they were going to ask us not to comeback.  But, I kept reminding myself the class is open to 2.5 year old’s.  How much attention span do kids that age have? With every week that goes by she is getting better and better.  Her teacher told us (Craig and I both go and wait) that she danced the entire class.  She also made some new friends.  This is the reason why we wanted her to start dance.  Not so much for the dancing, but more for the social interaction with others.  To get her out of her safety zone.  The plan is to have her play some form of sports this summer.  She will probably play soccer this summer or t ball.  We might even sign her up this spring for gymnastics.  Her best friend from preschool goes and she keeps asking Dagny to join her.
  • One day I was on Facebook and Dagny came up to me to ask a question.  She looked at my monitor and she saw Max from Max and Ruby.  She asked me if we could go and see him. Max was going to be at the Strong Museum of Play ( I am a fan).  This was a couple of weeks ago. So, we told her we will take her to see Max, if she tries extra hard to pay attention at dance class and especially listen to Miss Megan (her dance teacher).  She said she would and she did.

Max and Dagny

Puzzle time. She actually did this all by herself.

I just really like this one

Are you surprised?

  • Dagny has gotten very much into projects.  She loves to make things.  She made this for Craig and the colors had to be just right.

Working hard

  • Her teacher sent us a note home that she has really gotten into painting.  We get some form of painting project sent home on a daily base.  It’s awesome.

Little artist

  • Last weekend we decided to go to the zoo.  It was great.  We didn’t even mind the cold.  It made up for the fact that no one was there.  This was by far the best visit we have ever had.

My favorite people

The smile of a 3-year-old

Enjoying the space

  • Craig and Dagny decided to go into the cougar den.


  • Before we left Dagny wanted to go into the den again and again and again. She did all by herself.

Little Miss D


Our Blog History

I am so happy some people decided to delurk and share their stories with me.  It really makes me feel great to know that our blog has inspired others through their adoption process.

I have decided to keep this blog going for now.  When we first started this blog, it was back in 2002 when Craig and I were getting married. (Has it really been nine years?!) It was meant for our families. Both our families are not from the area.  Craig’s parents are from Ohio, my brother and his family from Long Island, and at the time my parents were living in Hungary.

Then late 2007 for about a year we (I) took a hiatus from the blog.  That’s when we were going through the adoption process. I decided against keeping an online journal, instead I kept a paper journal for the daughter that I hadn’t met yet.  I envied other people that were going through the process and could share everything.  I really wished at the time I could do that, but that’s just not me. That’s when I realized that I am in fact a very private person. It wasn’t a secret, we told our families and friends when we decided to move forward with the adoption. But, when you put things online I feel you lose some control, and believe me when I say during an International adoption you hold on to whatever you can, because so much is out of your hands.

When we knew we were getting close to going to Russia, it was time once again to get online and keep our families up to date from far away.  And, now I keep it going for Dagny.  I like to capture as many milestones as I can for her. I am cautions as to what I share. I just hope I don’t embarrass her too much, perhaps when she is a tween I will make the website less about her. But, probably not.

Keep the comments coming.