Our Blog History

I am so happy some people decided to delurk and share their stories with me.  It really makes me feel great to know that our blog has inspired others through their adoption process.

I have decided to keep this blog going for now.  When we first started this blog, it was back in 2002 when Craig and I were getting married. (Has it really been nine years?!) It was meant for our families. Both our families are not from the area.  Craig’s parents are from Ohio, my brother and his family from Long Island, and at the time my parents were living in Hungary.

Then late 2007 for about a year we (I) took a hiatus from the blog.  That’s when we were going through the adoption process. I decided against keeping an online journal, instead I kept a paper journal for the daughter that I hadn’t met yet.  I envied other people that were going through the process and could share everything.  I really wished at the time I could do that, but that’s just not me. That’s when I realized that I am in fact a very private person. It wasn’t a secret, we told our families and friends when we decided to move forward with the adoption. But, when you put things online I feel you lose some control, and believe me when I say during an International adoption you hold on to whatever you can, because so much is out of your hands.

When we knew we were getting close to going to Russia, it was time once again to get online and keep our families up to date from far away.  And, now I keep it going for Dagny.  I like to capture as many milestones as I can for her. I am cautions as to what I share. I just hope I don’t embarrass her too much, perhaps when she is a tween I will make the website less about her. But, probably not.

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