Leading Up To Easter

Last week Erika and Emerson were here for a week.  It was so great having them up here.  I love having them up here, but I hate the day when they leave. It puts me into a funk and I am in it pretty much the whole day.  Thank goodness for Little Miss D, she is my little sunshine.

Love these four so much

Dagny was so excited to have her cousins around.  They are so good with her.  I was glad that this year Erika and Emerson were able to color the Easter eggs with Dagny.

Getting it done

Happy Girl

Little D

My two eldest kids left Saturday. Dagny wasn’t happy with that.  Luckily, the Easter Bunny came the following day and that distracted her for not having her cousins around.  She was so excited about her basket this year and looking for eggs throughout the house.  We had to play “Easter Bunny” all day.  If her excitement is any inclination, we are going to have an awesome Christmas.

Here is our little angel all dressed up.

Pretty little girl

Silly girl

Silly girl

Little D

Later in the day Craig and Dagny went outside and enjoyed the nice weather while I was finishing up Easter dinner.

Blowing bubbles

I love this girl

I promise to try and update more frequently in the future.


Finally! A Post!

I really do have every intention to write an entry every week.  It seems one week turns into three before I even know it.

Lately, it seems life has been going in fast speed mode. So, let me see if I can slow it down long enough to write a post.

Craig’s birthday was earlier this month. We celebrated it low key with the first BBQ of the season and with a chocolate velvet cake that Dagny and I made together.

Here is Dagny making a birthday card for Craig.

Since the snow has vanished we have been going for walks with Little Miss D.  I’ve never seen a child like her, she always wants to be on the go.  One of her first questions every morning is “Where are we going?”

I took Dagny to get a haircut last week. That is news on it’s own because this is only her second one.  I am planning on upping the frequency of our visits in the future.

My pretty little girl

What made the visit even cooler was that the Fairport-East Rochester Post was there writing up a piece about the place. They asked me if they could take a photo of Dagny and use it.  What do you think my response was? Check it out. Make sure you look though all the photos, because there are three of them of Dagny.

We got back Dagny’s dance photo.  Her recital will be in June, with at the rate time is going by, it is right around the corner.

Our Little Ballerina