Happy 42 Months, Dagny!

And, yes we celebrate half birthdays in the Johnson Household.  Saturday, after dance Dagny had one of her best friends, Samantha, from preschool and her mom came over for a BBQ.  Dagny was sooo excited to have Samantha come for a visit.  She literally sat in front of the cable box and looked at the time.  We told her when they were coming and she was looking for the numbers to change.  When she heard a car drive by, she flew to the window and looked to see if it was her friend.  It was so sweet! The girls had so much fun playing together.

After linner, we had Dagny blow out some candles on a  small cake Craig got her. Dagny really wants to be four.  But, when we told her that she is no longer 3, but  3 1/2 it seemed to satisfy her for the time being.

Happy 3 1/2

Here is my girl working out the plan of action on how to devour the cake in record time.

Serious business

Monday, was Doodle Dance at her preschool.  It was the end of the year school recital.  We were prepared for her not to participate and run to us and say she was shy.  To our surprise she not only participated but she had a blast. Craig and I were so proud of her for doing so well.  I am crossing my fingers that this was a prequel to her dance recital in June.

Doodle Dance

Foot work

Having fun


Dagny has always seemed ahead of the curve when it comes to certain things.  She knew all her letters by two and when I mean knew, she knew them randomly.  You could show any letters to her and she would know them 99% of the time.

Craig and I have never made a point of drilling numbers and letters down her throat.  We are not that kind of parents.  But, we do encourage her learning.  She has, and have for a long time, the foam letters in the tub, tons of books that she loves to “read” and we make it a point to read to her every single night.  She has workbooks that encourage her fine motor skills and not just letters and numbers.  Dagny’s Grandma and Grandpa Johnson have gotten her numerous subscriptions (Highlights High Five,  Puzzle Buzz, and National Geographic’s) that she loves to work through.

I am serious when I say I never tell her to sit down and do any activities in the magazines or workbooks.  She knows where they are kept and on her own she takes them out and starts working on them.  Sometimes I am in the kitchen cooking and its very quiet, so I walk to the living room and there she is working on a puzzle from the Highlights. I just smile and let her be and go back to the Kitchen. But, if she has a question we always try to be there to answer them for her. She really enjoys involving us in her workbook activities and asks us to join her in the dinning room.

This past week, she asked to work in her math book.  She did this all by herself.  The only thing I did was write the number 4 on the top of the page for her to have a reference for the way the book writes the number.  I am not even that impressed that she knew the answers, because she has been able to do that sort of stuff for awhile, but how well she wrote her numbers.


So, I no longer have eye glasses or the need to wear them. Perfect timing with sunglasses season approaching. The only reason I was wearing them was because of my astigmatism.  Apparently, I was the perfect candidate for an LRI.  It was a very quick and simple procedure.  I was able to get it done in the office with some numbing drops and the whole thing took a few minutes.  Only thing I am still working through is my phantom glasses.  It’s a weird sensation to actually feel my old glasses on my face knowing very well that they are not there.

And, because its that time of the year.

lilacs from our garden


2 comments to Happy 42 Months, Dagny!

  • Erika iro

    time just flys by :(

  • Maria

    Love this post! Don’t know where to start commenting :) Once again, you’ve put a perfect twist on something regular like a half birthday – using HAPPY, and not birthday, candles is so much fun! And, is takes care of Dagny’s desire to get to four quicker.

    As for Dagny, she never stops amazing me with what she is able to do!