Rapture During Despicable Me

We decided to take it easy this weekend and not venture away from home with the fear of the rapture approaching. We were in the middle of watching Despicable Me when I turned to Craig.

Barbara: I guess we made it.

Craig:  huh?

Barbara:  the rapture.

Craig: Oh, was that today?

Barbara: yes.  what kind of eagle scout are you?

Craig: sorry.  I’ll be  ready for the next end of the world.

This weekend Dagny practically lived outside.  She had a blast with all her outdoor toys.  It was perfect weather to just sit out and relax before the craziness of summer starts.






1 comment to Rapture During Despicable Me

  • Erika iro

    looks like she deff likes it outside!!! which is great i honestly think kids these days dont go outside and play to much.